Grab a Sponge and Bobby Pins for This GENIUS Hair Hack!

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If you think I'm crazy after reading my posts's headline then don't jump to conclusions. You are not going to rub the sponge on your hair. This hack is all about adding volume so you're going to add the sponge to your hair to give it some fluff.

(I hope this goes without saying but please use a CLEAN sponge for this hack)

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Start by sectioning off a top half of your hair and clipping it out of the way.

Grab a clean sponge and some bobby pins that match your hair color.

Place the sponge in the middle of your hair where you would normally make a ponytail covering the area. I am putting the yellow foam part down because it is easier to penetrate with the bobby pins.

Here is a side view of how it looks so far.

Wrap your hair around the sponge. Notice how in this picture you can see the sponge a little bit? Just brush your hair over the area to cover the sponge fully.

Next tie it in a rubber band.

Here's a final look and you can see how it's covering the sponge fully.

Wow! Genius hack just had to share.

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