Grab Some $3.88 Walmart Hoops... 😱

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw

Hey everyone. I’m so excited to show you how to make bead hoop earrings. This is a great project to get your creative juices going. It’s also the perfect way to take simple hoops from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tools and materials:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Beads
  • Hot glue gun
Hoop earrings

1. Supplies

If you don’t already have big hoop earrings to work with you can pick up a cheap pair. I got mine at Walmart for under $4.

You’ll also want to grab some beads. Make sure the holes in the beads are big enough to fit on the hoops. You’ll also need a hot glue gun.

Adding beads to a hoop earring

2. Beading

If you’re using more than one color, plan your color order and start beading.

Adding glue

3. Finish it off

Once you’ve got all your beads on grab your hot glue gun. Put some hot glue in the hole of the last hoop. This will ensure that all the beads stay in place.

DIY bead hoop earrings
DIY bead hoop earrings

DIY bead hoop earrings

There you have it! You’ve just created your own fun and fresh beaded hoop earrings. You can make a variety of styles by experimenting with colors and different types of beads.

Leave me a comment to let me know how your project went.

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  • Margi Roberts Margi Roberts on Jun 10, 2024
    Looks like they might be a tad heavy with all the beads.
  • Msf27430720 Msf27430720 on Jun 10, 2024
    Small 3 mm large hole plastic beads will make the hoop earrings lighter. This design offers endless possibilities. Metallic or faux pearl earrings will give them a classy look.Thanks! 😇