Halloween Costumes on a Budget

by Naomigabriellew
3 Materials
5 Minutes

This is what my family and I had it this year for Halloween it’s a good idea to save As an idea for next year. We always like to do ideas of dressing up together as a family but we don’t wanna break the bank with the expenses of Halloween costumes so this year we got a little creative and try to do a DIY at the Addams family.

All of these outfits we are wearing have been thrifty but they were super easy to put together we literally just looked for anything black we had to make it work. When doing a costume like this it’s just takes a lot of Pinteresting time and to try to put together such an easy look. Read below for the things I did purchase to make it and how I did it

For the kids it was just super easy I actually got my daughter a dress from SHEIN and my son just a blank T-shirt from Michaels crafts. Then I just started putting out the whole look. I cannot for the life of me find a black and white striped shirt for my son to be Pugsly so I improvised with just glowing on some Felt stripes that I’d cut ( as I mentioned costume on a budget) 😉. Then I literally just put together what I had in the house I put black tights on for my daughter I found some high striped socks for my son and then we just put the Wig on her that we had purchased from the dollar store to complete the look with some black lipstick for Wednesday Addams.

check This link for the little bit I did purchase. Www.SHEIN.ca And honestly for the blank white tea you can get it from any craft store out there!

Well there you have it is super simple easy idea to use for next year and honestly just get some dark clothes some red lipstick from Morticia lots of Light make up for the faces … and bam as easy Addams family costume.

PS. The suit my husband is wearing is not a costume at all, it’s actually just one of his regular suits that happen to work well with the them.

Suggested materials:
  • Black wig   (Dollarama)
  • Toddler black dress   (Shein)
  • Toddler white t-shirt   (Michaels craft store)

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