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Lizzy Capps
by Lizzy Capps
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This is a tutorial for a halo eye makeup look. I've developed some helpful tips and tricks since I started my makeup journey, and I thought I would share some with you. This look is stunning, it works on everyone, and can be worn for any occasion.

Find a standard eyeshadow palette with nice neutral shades. Most of you will already have something like this in your makeup drawer. You’ll need a palette with matte white, matte nude, matte brown, and a transition shade. The palette I’m using has a shade called aragonite. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Eye shadow pallet
  • Blending brushes (one medium, one small)
  • Flat brush
  • Cleaning brush
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
Blending eyeshadow colors

1. Create transition shade

Take a blending brush and blend the nude color with a slightly darker color, like aragonite

This blend will be your transition shade. You will want to keep it light.

Applying eyeshadow to crease of lid

2. Apply eyeshadow to crease of lid

Take the blended color you made and pack it into the crease of your eyelid.

There’s no need to blend out too much. Keep it close to the lid. We’re not going for a super blown out look. This is meant to be a versatile look you could wear to brunch, or on a night out.

Blend up towards the tail of your eyebrow. No need to blend up to the temple.


Blowing eyeshadow brush

3. Add more eyeshadow

Add a bit more of the aragonite and blow off the brush so there's not so much product on it.


Take that color slightly closer to the crease and rub it in the crease. 

Applying eyeshadow

Use the same brush and the same shade to go in a bit more intensely. 

This time don’t dust off any product from the brush. Just pack it right in the outer corner of your eyelid. There’s no need to blend. Just pack it onto the outer corner of your eye.

Be careful not to take it too close to the center of the eye. You want to keep that little circle in the middle of your lid nice and clean for the spotlight shade. 

Blending eyeshadow

4. Blend into transition shade

Blend that slightly into the transition shade in the outer corner of your eye.

With the same technique, do the same on the inner corner, blending out into the transition shade. If you feel like you're adding too much, go in with a clean brush and buff it out to disperse the product a bit. 

Adding matte brown

5. Add matte brown

Use a slightly more compact brush and dip into the matte brown.

Put that on directly without blending out into the transition. Put it directly on the lid of the outer corner of your eye.

You want the product to be really concentrated in the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

Blending the brown

6. Blend the brown

Using the same blending brush as before, lightly blend the brown out into the transition shade 

Brushing away fallout

7. Brush away the fallout from under your eyes

Adding white eyeshadow

8. Add white eyeshadow

Take a flat brush and put some white on the center of your eyelid. You’re going to do this where we left the gap.

Take it slightly above the crease so that you can still see it if you were planning on wearing lashes. You want the spotlight to be peeking out above the lashes.

Blending eyeshadow

9. Blend the edges together with the same blending brush 

Applying eyeshadow under the eye

10. Mirror the same look under the eye

Place your transition shade on the outer edge under your eye. Then do the same on the inner edge. Leave a gap directly underneath where the white is above the eye. 

Use a precise, compact brush to add the brown underneath your eye. With the same flat brush add the white in the center of the lower lid. Blend it in with the other colors. 

Highlighting corner of eye

11. Add an inner corner highlight

This step is optional. It’s not necessary, but I do think it pulls the look together.

I also added some mascara, so the look is nice and subtle, but still quite sexy. You can smoke it out by adding black on top of the brown to make it more sultry.

Alternatively, you can strip it back for a less dramatic look. It's all about personal preference. 

Completed halo eye makeup

Halo eye makeup

I hope I showed you how easy it can be to create a simple halo spotlight eye makeup.

If there are other makeup looks you want me to show you, let me know in the comments. It could be how to do a fluffy brow, or a nose contour, or how to line your lips. Just let me know!

Products used:

Suggested materials:
  • Eye shadow pallet
  • Blending brushes (one medium, one small)
  • Flat brush
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