How to Shorten Your Long Purse

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If you have a purse that you love, but the strap or chain is just too long, and not adjustable, you don’t have to relegate the purse to the back of your closet.

Follow this simple trick to shorten your long purse, and start enjoying it again!

Tools and materials:

  • Purse with long strap or chain
Too-long purse

1. Dig out your too-long purse

Here is my fabulous bright pink purse that I love! But I stopped using it because it’s just a bit too long.

Do not knot the strap or chain

2. Do not knot the strap or chain!

You might be tempted to simply shorten the strap by knotting it. But that solution is neither attractive nor comfortable.

Invisible shortening technique

3. Try this invisible shortening technique

First, just twist the purse, so the strap is crisscrossed once.

Invisible shortening technique

Grab the strap below the crisscross.

Invisible shortening technique

Open the front of the purse and slip the top of the strap under the front flap.

Invisible shortening technique

Pull up on the rest of the strap.

Invisible shortening technique

The strap will be taught across the back of your purse.

Invisible shortening technique

And, ta-da! You’ve solved your problem without impacting style or comfort! 

How to shorten your long purse

Give it a try and see how many old purses you can reclaim. Then, leave a comment to let me know how you liked this trick for shortening long purses.

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Suggested materials:
  • Purse with long strap or chain

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