How to Make 3 Cute Bags From Old Jeans Step-by-step

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I have three designs to show you how to make bags from old jeans, step by step.

I'm using a hot glue gun, but of course you can sew any or all of these DIY denim purse bags instead. So pick your favorite or make them all!

Tools and materials:

Style 1:

  • Webbing strap
  • 2 D rings

Style 2:

  • Chain or cord
  • 2 split rings
  • Large button
  • Hand sewing needle and thread

Style 3:

  • Cord
  • 2 cord end caps
  • Colored felt and beads (optional)

For all bags:

  • Jeans
  • Clear nail polish
  • Small scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pins
Measuring and cutting

Style 1: Wrap closure purse

1. Measure and cut

I used boot cut jeans for this purse.

Cut 10.5 inches (26 cm) long from the lower edge of one leg of your jeans.

Measuring and cutting

Cut out one of the back pockets, leaving a half inch (1 cm) allowance at the top edge.

Remove two of the belt loops.

Measuring and cutting

Cut off the waistband on both sides of the zipper to just before the side seams.

Gluing pockets

2. Pocket and loops

Fold the allowance at the top of the pocket to the wrong side and glue it in place.

Glue the pocket centrally to the front of the purse at the side and bottom edges.

Pocket and loops

Place a belt loop through each D ring. Fold the loops in half and glue them together.

Glue the loops inside the hemmed edge of the purse, at the sides.

Adding closure

3. Closure

Fasten the waistband sections. Lay them vertically over the pocket with the buttonhole section at the top.

Allow approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the waistband to extend over the top and bottom of the purse.

Adding closure

Glue the button section to the lower edge of the purse.

Adding closure

Fold the buttonhole section over the top front edge of the purse.

Glue the strap to the inside back edge of the purse.

Adding closure

Add some glue around the inner edges of the lower strap and glue it to the pocket.

Lower edge

4. Lower edge

Turn the purse wrong side out.

Cut off the excess strap at the lower edge.

Sew or glue the bottom edges of the purse together.

Dab some clear nail polish over the raw edges.

Attaching strap

5. Attach the strap

Clip the webbing strap to the D rings.

Style 1: Wrap closure purse

And you have a sturdy cross body bag that will hold your phone, money and all your other essentials.

Style 2: Mini bag

Deconstructing jeans

1. Deconstruct

You can make this bag from narrow leg or skinny jeans.

Cut a 13.5 inch (34 cm) long rectangle from the lower part of one leg.

Deconstructing jeans

Cut a 4 inch (10 cm) strip and two 2.8 inch (7 cm) strips from the side seam of another part of the leg.


2. Assemble

Sew or glue the raw edges of the bag together, with the right sides facing.

Turn the bag right side out.


Fold the hem edges of the bag to the front to make a flap. Mark the fold point on each side.

Adding loops

3. Add loops

Fold the two smaller strips you cut from the side seam so that one end is longer than the other, and glue them together.

Glue the longer end to the side of the bag at the marked fold point.

Adding loops

Fold the longer strip in half and glue it centrally to the upper edge of the flap, on the inside.

Adding loops

Sew the button on the front of the bag.

Paint some clear nail varnish on the inner edges of the loops.

Attach the chain or cord handle to the side loops.

Style 2: Mini bag

Your cute mini bag will hold more than you think!

Style 3: Drawstring bag

Cutting denim

1. Cut out

Cut an 11 inch (28 cm) long rectangle from the lower edge of one leg.

Glue the raw edges together, with the right sides facing.

Adding drawstring

2. Drawstring

Mark 1.25 inches (3 cm) down from the top edge on the front of the bag.

Draw a straight line across the bag. Draw a second line half an inch (1 cm) below the first.

Where to cut

Cut 4 vertical slits between the two lines.

Repeat on the back of the bag.

Adding drawstring

Thread one end of the cord through the slits, to make a drawstring.

Attach the end caps and tie the cord in a bow.


3. Decorate (optional)

Decorate your bag with shapes cut from colored felt and glued on.

Add beads or sequins for extra glam.

Style 3: Drawstring bag

This makes the cutest pencil case for school and even holds a phone as well.

How to make bags from old jeans step-by-step

None of these bags takes more than 30 minutes to make from start to finish if you hot glue them. They're a great way to recycle old or thrifted jeans.

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments if you make any of these and how you get on.

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Suggested materials:
  • Webbing strap
  • D rings
  • Chain or cord
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