How To Paint Mandala Design On a Canvas Tote Bag

Welcome to Creative Khadija blog! I hope you all are staying safe & having a peaceful time. Today I am sharing my recent video tutorial about How To Paint Mandala Design on a Canvas Tote Bag. Before COVID-19 pandemic, we were majorly focusing on climate change & saving the Earth. I know many people who started using canvas tote bag for shopping groceries. I encourage my family members to start using a tote bag instead of using plastic shopping bags.

Today I will show you how to paint mandala design on a canvas tote bag. This is an easy tutorial & will help you in designing one for yourself. Watch this tutorial & be sure to subscribe my channel on YouTube.

How To Paint Mandala Design On a Canvas Tote Bag

Here are some further details about designing this bag. In case you are unable to open this video, do let me know & I will fix it for you. Here is the direct link to the YouTube video.

I bought some canvas tote bags few months back, which are in good use these days. One of the tote bag was with zipper & in plain white color. I decided to paint it with some fabric paints.

You will need:

A canvas bag or fabric bag

Fabric paints with brush & nosel

Pencil for tracing


Have a look how to paint mandala design :

This is the before image of the tote bag, how blank & boring. Isn’t it? Let’s make it better now by painting mandala design on it :)

With the help of a plate I draw a round shape in the middle of the bag. Then I started filling the design in it to explain how to paint mandala design. As you can see step by step details in the video.

Here is the final result of the hand painted canvas tote bag. Feel free to give me your feedback about my recent tutorial of this canvas tote bag. With the help of my video tutorial, now you know how to paint mandala design on a canvas tote bag easily. I have used a very few craft supplies so you can do it yourself now.

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If you need more DIY ideas & tutorials, be sure to check my previous post. I hope you will enjoy my easy craft ideas. Stay connected & don’t hesitate to share if you want to see any of your favorite art idea crafted by me.

Stay safe & stay at home unless it’s very important to go outside. Make art at home & keep yourself busy in some productive way.

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I hope you will find my blog posts useful, keep visiting my pages for more useful ideas. Thank you!


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  • April April on Jun 20, 2021

    Very beautiful! I started collecting reusable (new and thrifted) tote bags years ago - several years back, I started a new tradition of putting Christmas Gifts together in the bags, giving each person or family an extra gift, being a reusable tote!

    I haven't bought wrapping paper for over 20 years, as I save ours and, now, several family members and friends collect their Christmas morning "trash" and give it to me!

    Thank you for the beautiful tutorial; I love Mandalas and I have some tote bags that have logos on them I have wanted to cover with something prettier- your mandala idea is just the thing!

    April Iris McLeod

  • Creative Khadija Creative Khadija on Jun 21, 2021

    WOW, this is highly appreciated and I am really glad you adopted this great habit of reusing & recycling trash paper. Well done. I am glad to know my tutorial helped, keep upcycling to save the earth :)

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