How to Easily Make a Pretty Pressed Flower Phone Case For Spring

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by Sarah Vanderkooy
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With spring here I want to show you how to make a beautiful pressed flower phone case. The DIY flower phone case is the perfect accessory for the season and will look beautiful all spring long. Let me show you how to do it!

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Tools and materials:

  • Clear phone case
  • Clear nail polish
  • Pressed flowers
  • Gold leaf
  • Tweezers
  • Tape
  • Alcohol wipe
Clear flexible phone case

1. Clean the phone case

The first thing you need for your DIY flower phone case is a clear phone case. The kind made from a flexible material that you can get on Amazon for a few dollars is perfect to get started. 

Cleaning the phone case with an alcohol wipe

Use an alcohol wipe to clean it well and get any of the grease from your fingers off of it. 

Pouring clear nail polish into the phone case

2. Pour clear nail polish into the case

To decorate the case, you want to grab some clear nail polish and pour it into the inside of the case. 

Spreading the clear nail polish with the brush

Use the brush that comes with the nail polish to spread it out and make a nice thin coat over the entire inside of the case.

Covering the holes in the phone case with tape

To make sure that the nail polish doesn't seep through the holes cover them on the outside with some tape. 

Then, continue adding the nail polish around the little openings, spreading it in a thin coat with the brush. 

How to make a DIY pressed flower phone case without resin

3. Decorate the phone case with pressed flowers

Once everything is covered with nail polish, it's time to start adding some flowers. I picked up this collection of dried pressed flowers and they come in some beautiful colors. 

Pressed flower phone case DIY

Using a pair of tweezers, start applying them to the inside of the case. Make sure they are face down because you're going to see them from the other side.

I love that there are so many in the collection so you could do a couple of different phone cases all in different colors. 

Adding golf leaf to the DIY flower phone case

4. Add gold leaf

Once you have all the flowers placed where you want them, it’s time to add a little gold leaf.

You can buy gold leaf in sheets and it's best to handle it with a pair of tweezers. It will stick to your fingers if you just pick it up with them.

Creating a design for the handmade pressed flower phone case

Break off little pieces and drop it around the flowers and it will add some nice metallic touches around those beautiful colors. 

Letting the nail polish dry

When you have finished arranging the flowers and gold leaf, set the case aside and let that nail polish dry completely.

Sealing the pressed flower design with clear nail polish

5. Seal the decorations

Once the bottom layer of nail polish is completely dry, add another layer to seal in all of the gold leaf and flowers. 

How to make a pressed flower phone case

After the nail polish is dry, the case is done. 

DIY pressed flower phone case

DIY pressed flower phone case

Now you have a custom floral phone case that didn’t cost a lot to make and you were able to use the colors and the style you wanted.

I hope this inspired you to create a pressed flower phone case this spring for your phone. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Clear phone case
  • Clear nail polish
  • Pressed flowers
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  • Connie Connie on May 24, 2024

    I’ve decorated my phone a few years ago with flowers from when my husband died! I didn’t use the nail polish! Just placed the flowers in there. Eventually they turned yellow and dried up! I wish I’d thought to add some nail polish. Might have looked good for much longer???

  • Susan Susan on May 24, 2024

    Why use nail polish when you can use Mod Podge?

    • Diana Cunningham Diana Cunningham on May 24, 2024

      Because Mod Podge should be banned from the universe... try it with this and see how any moisture every getting in will turn it all white again and ruin your project.