Quick and Easy Tote Bag, Transform an Old T Towel

by Vickymcreations

Here in the UK the summer term is coming to an end, the children have three weeks left at school. Last Tuesday my daughter announced her teaching assistant was leaving on Friday, could I whip up a hand made present for her… Children always seem so last minute, at least I had three days notice! Thankfully I had a t towel tote planned as teachers gifts, plus t towels already purchased. I just couldn’t resist these beautiful prints.

If you fancy making some yourself there are two versions, the ten-minute gift or the thirty-minute gift!

My t towels measure 51 by 67cm. The first bag I am going to share with you takes a mere ten minutes, what a fabulous quick gift to whip up:)

Ten Minute T Towel Tote

Trim the t towel so the width measures 43cm.

Double fold over your raw edge and stitch in place.

Fold the t towel in half, stitch around the long side and one short edge.

Cut two pieces of webbing to 86cm (34″) long, fold an end under and place in the top of the bag 4cm in from the side seam. Stitch the handle in place by stitching a rectangle and then diagonally across the rectangle in both directions. Repeat for the other end of this handle. Followed by repeating for the second handle on the other side of the bag.

30 Minute T Towel Tote

Take the simple bag up a level by lining with, you guessed it, a second t towel. The corners are boxed and inside the bag there are two handy slip pockets. It remains a super quick project taking less than half an hour!!

You will need two t towels plus a piece of fabric measuring 29 by 40cm.

Fold the pocket fabric in half short edges together. Press. Sew along side and 5 cm in along bottom, repeat for the other side. Trim corners.

Turn right side out. Turn in raw edge and press. Place rectangle of fabric on the t towel being used as the lining, 4cm in from short edge and 7 cm from the base.

Mark with tailors chalk the central point to divide your pocket in half, stitch.

Fold the t towel lining in half. Stitch the bottom and long side. Box the corner – match the side seam to the base seam, creating a triangle of fabric, mark across with a 5cm line. Stitch then trim.

Repeat this last step for the outside bag t towel.

Cut your webbing for the straps pin onto the right side of the outside bag, 4cms in form the side seams.

Place the outer bag inside the lining so the right sides match. Stitch all round the top, except a turning gap!

Turn the right side out. Press, and fold in your raw edges (at the turning gap). Top stitch round the top of your bag.

So simple and yet takes the bag to a whole other level.

Now I am wondering if I can justify further French holidays all for the sake of their beautiful t towels!! It has now dawned on me that the rest of my children’s teachers this year are male so I need to have a rethink about gifts for them. Any ideas let me know…

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