Suede Accessory Bag Makeover

2 Materials
30 Minutes

I found this super cute suede accessory bag and although I loved it, it needed a little facelift. So I found a simple transfer that would do the job. In addition to this, it would make a lovely gift idea. You can see more of my crazy creations here

This is a really nice plain bag with no design on either side. It is a suede-feeling cloth material and I found this ribbon transfer. I don’t want to use this entire transfer, I want to use just parts of it, I’m going to start with this piece down here.

Materials needed:

The first thing I want to do is cut out the small details I want and avoid the pieces I don’t want. I have this piece right here and I think it would look really nice up here.

I’m going to start by peeling the back off the transfer and then I’m going to place it where I think I want it. Next, I’m going to go ahead and press down, and again if you are not comfortable with the stickiness that’s on the back you can always use some painter's tape or stencil tape to hold it in place temporarily

Now that I’ve got it in place I’m going to use my mod podge card or credit card to slowly go over the transfer. It’s important when they’re detailed like this to go over all the small details. Take breaks if you need to because sometimes your arm can get tired. Again, the color will change as the image is transferred.

Now that I think I’ve gotten the whole design transferred I’m going to carefully peel it up. If I find that I’m missing a spot I just simply lay it back down and scratch over that part again. As you see I have a nice design on this very plain bag. I could leave it with just one or I could put something on the back side as well

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Suggested materials:
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  • Transfer   (

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