DIY Lunch Bag With Free Pattern

3 Materials
30 Minutes

Reduce the amount of waste you leave behind with a lunch bag you can use over and over as many times as you want. This easy handmade lunch bag is great for kids and adults alike, so you can make matching pairs for the whole family.

Even a sewing beginner would have no difficulties making it, as long as they have this straightforward tutorial to guide them.

Start making the bag

Take a 30 x 12 inches (75 x 30cm) big piece of fabric and spread it on your workspace with its right side up. Split a 5-inch (7.5cm) Velcro strip into a loop and hook and set each on the fabric horizontally 1.5 inches (4cm) away from both short edges in line with the center mark. Pin and stitch them.

Fold the fabric in half so short edges meet. Keep the wrong side in and stitch the long raw edges with a quarter-inch seam allowance. Trim the allowance and turn the bag.

Turn the bag inside out and stitch the long edges one more time with the same seam allowance.

Finish the bag

Rotate the bag to set the seam in the center and pull the corners towards each other.

Draw a line across the seam two inches away from the corner so that the line and the seam form a plus mark. Stitch along that line. Repeat for the other corner and cut off both corners under the seam. Turn the bag.

Pin a bias tape to the opening of the bag all around and stitch it.

If you want the bag to be boxier, you can push the sides in and fold them inward, then stitch around each fold from the sides.

That is all there is to making this useful lunch bag. For more tutorials and free patterns like this one visit and subscribe to our newsletter

We hope you’ll have many tasty snacks and lunches with this practical bag. If you make one for your entire family, use a different color for each member, or sew name tags onto the bags. Bon appetite! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Home decor fabric
  • Hook and loop (velcro)
  • Bias tape

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