How to Sew a Soft Sunglasses Pouch

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This soft sunglasses pouch is easy to make from scrap or leftover fabric. They’re also a popular item if you sew to sell.

The glasses case pattern is very straightforward and is drawn directly onto the fabric. It’s a fun and interesting project that’s beginner friendly.

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Tools and materials: 

  • Scraps of main and contrast fabric
  • Snap-on button
  • 8.25 inch (20 cm) diameter plate
  • Fabric marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
Drafting the glasses case pattern

1. Draft the glasses case pattern

Cut two 9 inch (22.5 cm) squares of main fabric and two of contrast fabric.

Place them on top of each other.

Drafting the glasses case pattern

Put an 8.25 inch (20 cm) plate centrally face down on the fabric and trace around it.

Cut out the circles through all four layers.

Sewing the circles

2. Sew the circles

Place the two matching circles together with the right sides facing.

Sew around the perimeter of each, leaving a small opening.

Sewing the circles

Trim the seam allowances with pinking shears.

Turn the circles right side out through the openings.

Use a knitting needle or brush handle to push the seams out and make a sharp edge.

Press the circles flat.

Sewing the circles

Turn in the edges of the openings and topstitch around the circumference of both circles.

Joining the circles

3. Join the circles

Draw a line across the contrast circle 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) from the edge.

Joining the circles

Place it on top of the main circle and sew along the line.

Joining the circles

Open the two circles out and turn them over.

Press the seam open and sew along the edges of both small segments.

Sewing the pouch

4. Sew the pouch

Mark 3.5 inches (8.75 cm) from the seam across the center of the main circle.

Sewing the pouch

Draw a vertical line across the circle, passing through that point.

Sewing the pouch

Turn the circles over and fold in the main circle along the line.

Sewing the pouch

Press the fold and sew the flap to the circle.

Sewing the pouch

Fold the main piece up over the contrast circle at the seam. 

Sewing the pouch

Sew the two side seams.

Making the base

5. Make the base

Turn the pouch wrong side out and push out the bottom corners.

Draw a line a quarter inch (0.5 cm) long across each corner.

Making the base

Sew across the lines.

Making the base

Turn the pouch right side out again.

Attaching the closure

6. Attach the closure

Attach a snap button, press stud fastener or magnetic closure to the center of the flap and the front of the pouch.

DIY soft sunglasses pouch

DIY soft sunglasses pouch

You can of course make your DIY glasses case out of a single fabric if you prefer. I do like the mix of fabrics, plus it makes them easier to see.

The size will fit most adult sunglasses with room to spare. 

You could add a loop on one side with a swivel clip to attach the pouch to your belt or purse. Or make two loops and add a small strap to hang your glasses around your neck.

I hope you enjoy making several different versions of these. I’d love to hear what you think of them too. Please drop me a comment and let me know.

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Suggested materials:
  • Scraps of main and contrast fabric
  • Snap-on button
  • 8.25 inch (20 cm) diameter plate
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