The Easy Way to Clean Your Hairbrushes

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30 Minutes

Season greetings to all.

How often do you clean your hair brush?

I have collected some of my hairbrushes that were looking rather tatty!.

Did you know NOT cleaning your brush will lead to bacteria and germs that is being passed from your brush on to your scalp and hair, this will leave hair greasy, limp and lifeless so a clean brush is healthy for the hair in many ways.

I will share a fast SIMPLE EASY hack to clean all your hairbrushes using only one ingredient

Collect all your dirty hair brushes like below

Best denture cleaning tablets!

Try this hack to clean your hairbrushes from bacteria with these denture cleaning tablets that Amazon reviewers swear by!

full of hair and residue build up from hair products I use ect.

They definitely need a clean!!


With a fine tooth comb, comb out the brushes removing all loose hair

Like below

Carry on untill you have removed all the hair like so..

Place the unwanted hair in the the bin!

Now my magic ingredient

STERADENT denture tablets

They cost £1 they are a great cleaning solution, consisting of sodium bicarbonate amongst many other cleaning benefits.

Brushes why..

Stick with me.

Fill up the sink with warm water. (Warm means tepid)

Once you have detangled all the unwanted hairs from your brushes

Place them in the water

Put your tablet into warm water

It will start bubbling, this is cleaning your brushes

like below

Come back in 30 mins!

Let it work its magic removeing all the rancid buildup that we collect in our hairbrushes

30 mins later


So dirty!!

let the water out it

I fill the sink with fresh warm water

I leave to sit in freash warm Water for a extra 10 mins to rince any residue from the denture tablet.

I give each one a shake while in the water.


I use a clean dry towel and lie it on the floor

Placeing each brush on the dry towel

Fold it over

Dab them gently,

Dry the handles

You will notice a difference straight away!

They look brand new.


Build up of hair products or even dead skin cells 🤪

Sounds scruffy but dust mites can live in our hairbrushes.

They are looking very fresh!!

A pleasure to use!

The red one I was going to put into the bin.

But I tried the trick my auntie told me, and I'm impressed!

Denture tablets wow.

They have removed all the gritty bit's that builds up, plus removed all the oils and hair products I have collected over time.

This will certainly prevent split ends and greasy hair💯

If you use a lot of products you should do this every week to your hairbrush.

If you use no products you should clean your hairbrush every 3/4 weeks

keeping scalps clean from skin irritation.

A very fast way to clean every inch of your hairbrush.

You will see the dirt slip of. 😉

Hope you enjoyed this fast easy hack

Merry Christmas


Suggested materials:
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  • Used Hairbrush   (Home)

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  • P P on Mar 18, 2024

    Put that ratty hair out in the back yard for birds to use lining their nests! Dryer lint in the spring, & even old ratty feather boas can all help our feathered friends, if we put the materials outside where birds can access them!

    • Sno26407839 Sno26407839 on Mar 18, 2024

      Please do not put human hair out for birds. It can wrap around their legs and eventually amputate the leg. It can also wrap around the necks of the babies and strangle them. I've worked with wildlife care, and have seen this a number of times.

  • Bec12103026 Bec12103026 on Mar 20, 2024

    Put your brushes in a pillow case and throw into the washer when doing a load of towels.