How to Apply Under-Eye Concealer for Mature Skin - Step-by-Step Guide

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Concealer makes a dramatic difference and really brightens your overall complexion. It also makes your eyes pop, look more open, making you look more beautiful! Here’s how to apply under eye concealer to mature skin for those of us over 40.

Tools and materials:

  • Concealer
  • Tapered concealer brush
  • Rounded buffing brush
  • Loose powder
  • Egg-shaped sponge
Applying foundation before concealer

1. Apply foundation first

Concealer is the heavy hitter. Put the foundation on first rather than afterward as the foundation may dilute the concealer. Apply your foundation the way you normally do.

Applying concealer to hollows and darkness

2. Apply the concealer

Many people with dark undereye circles or hollows do best with a peachy-based concealer to brighten the eye area.

Don’t use the triangle method that’s popular on social media where you apply concealer in an upside-down triangle from your eye to your cheek. That’s too much and may even bring more attention to this area. Simply apply the concealer to the hollows and darkness only.

Feather the concealer for a flawless finish

Let the concealer set for a few minutes until it becomes slightly tacky. Take the tapered brush and feather the concealer to thin the layer.

Then take the buff brush to buff any edges or lines for a flawless finish.

Adding a second layer of concealer

There are days that one layer is enough. Sometimes though, you may need more coverage. This method of light layering means you can do another layer or even more should you need it. 

For the second layer, apply the concealer to any dark or hollow areas only. Let it set for a few moments to dry just a bit, feather it with the tapered brush, and then buff it with a buffing brush.

How to bake concealer

3. Set the concealer

Use a finely milled loose powder to set the concealer. If you are afraid to use powder because of older, more mature, or dry skin, don’t be!

Use a small egg-shaped sponge dipped into a small amount of the powder, tap the excess off, and gently pat and roll where you have the concealer.

Many concealers are shiny and actually draw attention and spotlight to the area we are trying to conceal. Powder mattifies the area and helps hide the hollows and darkness. It also gives the delicate under-eye skin a thicker appearance which looks more youthful and healthy!

How to apply under eye concealer over 40

A quick recap: first do your foundation, second skip the triangle and use the concealer only in the areas where you need it, feather and buff it to smooth it out, and third, set it with powder.

Apply under eye concealer for mature skin

How to apply under eye concealer for mature skin

There you have it! A super easy and effective way to use an under-eye concealer for more mature skin. Let me know in the comments if you found value from this tutorial or enjoyed this video!

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Suggested materials:
  • Concealer
  • Tapered concealer brush
  • Rounded buffing brush
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