How to Create Beautiful Brooch From Old Teacups!

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I love to help save stuff from landfill and support the environment by repurposing ceramic crockery. There are was many delightful pretty floral designs on the ceramic tableware that can easily be transformed into wearable art.

Old crockery

I choose some pieces to snip with wheeled tile nippers and shape them into wearable pieces carefully. Always wear protective eye goggles against flying chips of china.

Cutting ceramic

The pieces are all lovely so sometimes it hard to choose design and usually I look for a shape that suitable for a Brooch pin.

Cutting with wheeled tile nippers

Next it’s time for sanding the edges smooth. It is the easy part and I like to use a hand held small sander with a carbide sandstone wheel attachment.

Sanding the ceramic

I keep going until I feel the edges are smooth and also do a little patch on the back of the china to fix the metal brooch pin to. It really helps the fixative stay firm.

Epoxy resin mix

I mix the epoxy resin in two parts equal and it harden very quickly to stick down the pin to back of ceramic brooch and soon it’s ready to wear!

Golden rose brooch
Ceramic rose brooch
Suggested materials:
  • Wheeled tile nippers   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)

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  • Theresa Theresa on Feb 21, 2022

    You’ve just inspired me to make a couple brooches out of a tea cup and saucer which belonged to my great grandmother. It’s not been a functional cup for at least 30 years ever since a house cleaner dropped the cup and it was glued back together with a few chips missing. But I have so little that was my great grandmother’s and if I’m able to successfully turn her favorite tea cup into a couple brooches I will most certainly cherish them and wear them with pride. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Susan Goode Susan Goode on Feb 22, 2022

      Ah thank you and yes it so nice to transform keepsakes and memories in a lovely item.