How to Create Memorable Necklace From Granny’s Old Plate

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
1 Hour

I love using old crockery to create with especially of its with memory of times gone by within family. Some plates and crockery instantly bring back memories and so when I looked into this box of goodies I knew I’d be able to create something to carry on memories from the past .

Old vi rage crockery

I use wheeled tile nippers to cut and create some rough pieces to work on. Sometimes a pattern or flower just jumps out at you as if presenting itself as the candidate of choice !

Vintage plate

I crack into the blue and white china to find some pieces that I like for a pendant.

Cutting the plate

I find the pieces I like and use a mini rotary sander tool to smooth the edges and create and nice shape from the ceramic of old


A little hole next has to be drilled into the pendant to hang the silver bail from. I use a diamond tipped drill to cut through ceramic and keep it cool by dipping into water. Slowly does it . Remember to always wear protective eye goggles and face mask for dust inhalation protection.

Drilling the hole

I add a pretty silver pinch bail into the hole and pliers to squeeze tightly shut.

Silver bail

Next and final stage is to hang this beautiful pendant onto a sterling silver chain. I use a snake chain 18 inch but of course you can use what ever you prefer.

Vintage ceramic pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Sterling silver chain   (Amazon)
  • Silver bails   (Amazon)

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