How to Get the Perfect Bangs... Without Cutting Your Hair!

Ayse Acun
by Ayse Acun

Bangs are a come and go trend. Every now and then they're hot again but their time is always fleeting so cutting your hair permanently can be a bit scary. Sure your bangs look great the first few weeks but then they start growing out and you're faced with two options; you can cut them again and get sucked into the cycle of bangs or you can grow them out and face the awkward phases that they'll go through.

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So instead of rushing off to the salon or DIY your own bangs because TikTok told you to try this hack instead. It's GENIUS! You get the bangs look for a day then your hair goes back to normal when you're over it.

Section off a small portion of your hair from the front. I am going in so grabbing a triangle shaped section.

Tie it in a rubber band and then pull it back.

Bobby pin your hair near where the rubber band falls then fold your hair over the bobby pin covering it

Once you fold your hair over bobby pin it again so it is now pinned going down.

Straighten the loose ends that are not bobby pinned.

Cover all of the bobby pins with a nice headband, head scarf, or bandana.

Here's the finished look!

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