How to Get Voluminous Beach Waves

Hi everyone! My name is Desire Nicosiaa and I love sharing hair hacks and tutorials. Today I am showing how to get loose beach waves, keep reading for this hairstyle.

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First section off the top part of your hair and clip it so its out the way.

Grab a round curling wand and curl your hair in small sections like the section I'm grabbing in the back of this picture.

When curling your hair do not fully wrap your wand, instead turn it at an angle like this.

Curl the entire bottom section then release the hair you pinned up and also curl that section of hair.

Here is how your hair will look after curling all of it.

Next grab a wide-tooth comb and brush through your curls to break them up.

Notice how much more loose my hair is now.

this is the final result after brushing through all your hair it should look more naturally wavy rather than tighter curls. Let me know what you think about this hair tutorial!

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