Turning Broken China Into Beautiful Brooch

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
1 Hour

I saw this beautiful old blue broken china crockery in a junk yard sale and wanted to preserve some of the lovely designs. I liked the vintage look and love that it’s repurposing old stuff to save more from ultimately going into landfill.


I use a hand held mini dremel drill with a carbide sanding stone wheel attachment. It is easy and satisfying as it goes around and smooths the edges. I also sand a patch along side to side on the back of the ceramic piece ready to glue the metal brooch pin on to. This ensures a good firm fix and will be durable.

Sanding edges

Next job is to mix epoxy resin two part glue . A small pea sized piece of each mixed thoroughly onto an old piece of unwanted china as a base. This joins the two parts together to enable the glue hardener to set it firm in a few minutes .

Mix two parts

I spread the glue on to the metal brooch pin and also on to the back of the ceramic. This helps it to have a much stronger bond and hold I hold it firm for a few minutes until set .

Brooch pins

i am so delighted with the finished one of a kind brooch pin of vintage blue countryside scene of horses.

Blue brooch
Ceramic brooch
Cutting blue crockery
Box of old crockery
Suggested materials:
  • Mini dremel hand drill   (Amazon)
  • Two part epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)

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