How to Make a Faux Fur Collar - DIY

by Lucybertoldi
3 Materials
15 Minutes

I love it when my accessories are removable and can be added to any garment I want. This makes it versatile and fun for different styling looks.

So I've decided to take just some left-over faux fur pieces that I had on hand and put them together to create a fun new accessory! If you remember I've used the faux fur for several of my previous DIY's (blouse to skirt, cuffs and more!) You can scroll my page and find them there!

1- These are the two pieces that I had, and stitched together by hand. You can easily do this by sewing machine as well.

Make sure to measure your neck all around, add 2 to 3 inches (so it's not too tight). This will give you the total size of the collar- and you will know how much material length you need.

Next: After stitching the two pieces together, I added snaps to the collar for fastening. The top part of snap was stitched to the inside of the collar point (black interior fabric)- and the receiving side of the snap was stitched on the other point- faux-fur side (leopard part). This is so that one part overlaps the other when fastening.

NOw that the collar can easily be fastened when I put it on, I also wanted it to look pretty in the front.

So: I sewed a pretty gold and black button to the front part. For correct positioning I sewed the button directly over the black faux fur part (to be clearer: the male snap is directly under that - you can feel it as you sew the button).

All done! And now I have several ways of wearing this collar since it has two different patterns (one side is black and the other leopard). So I can either show both parts, or wear it so that either the black or leopard parts show alone.

Here is a clip that shows you how I easily create this look!

And here's the cute final product! I love it so much!

How to clean faux fur

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 pieces of left-over faux fur   (left-overs from previous projects)
  • Button   (from my stash)
  • Medium-sized snap   (from my stash)

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