How to Make Cute Butterfly Ribbon Hair Clips - Super Easy Tutorial

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Hair clips are not only functional but are a great accessory to spruce up an outfit. If you love hair accessories as much as I do, this butterfly ribbon hair clip is the perfect DIY project. It’s inexpensive, easy, and looks so beautiful!

These cute hair clips are really affordable to make, so you could make a whole bunch of ribbon butterflies in different colors and styles. Ready to get started?

Tools and materials:

  • Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
Cutting the ribbon at different lengths

1. Cut the ribbon

First things first, cut the ribbon in 3 respective lengths. They need to funnel into a gradient, so the first should be 10cm (3.93 inches), the second 12cm (4.72 inches), and the third should measure 16cm ( 6.29 inches). 

Sealing the ribbon edges with a lighter

2. Seal the edges

To avoid the ribbon from fraying (ribbons are infamous for fraying), simply use a lighter and burn the edges for a couple of seconds. 

Folding the ribbon butterflies ready to sew

3. Fold and sew

To make the ribbon butterflies, simply fold the sides inward. Then, sew the center to secure the bow-like shape. 

How to make butterfly hair clips

Repeat this process on the 12cm (4.72 inches) piece. But this time, sew it into the first one, ensuring that both ribbons are joined at the center. 

Ribbon butterfly making

Then, repeat the same process with the third piece. 

How to make a butterfly out of ribbon

Now, sew a line across the center of the three-tiered ribbon. 

Sewing ribbon butterflies

Scrunch up the center and sew into the folds. To finish off the securing part, loop the thread around the center a couple of times and sew around the loop. 

Butterfly ribbon hair clip

This is the result. 

Adding wire to the ribbon butterfly

3. Add wire

I’m using 0.4mm (0.015 inches) copper wire. Basically, twirl it around the center, as shown. Like this, your butterfly ribbon hair clip will have a neat finish. 

Securing the ribbon butterfly with wire

When you’re done twirling, twirl the wire right above the ribbon for a long-lasting hold. 

Shaping the wire ends to make feelers

Then, bend and twirl the short ends of the wire to make cute little feelers. 

Butterfly ribbon hair clip tutorial

Butterfly ribbon hair clip tutorial

Ribbon butterfly making is so easy, as you just saw from this awesome tutorial. Now that you know how to make ribbon butterfly hair clips, you can make a whole bunch in different sizes and colors!

You can feed the butterfly ribbon hair clip through a bobby pin for the ultimate hair accessory! Thanks for joining, and good luck. 

Suggested materials:
  • Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
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