How to Tie a Perfect Bow in 5 Easy Steps

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2 Minutes

When you tie your coat or robe, does your bow come out looking kind of sloppy?

Follow along with me to see how to tie a perfect bow, and you’ll instantly upgrade your look. Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Belted garment
Crossing belt ends

1. Start as usual

Cross the ends of the belt, one over the other, as you would normally do to tie a knot or bow.

Cinch it tightly but comfortably, mankind sure that the ends are equal in length.

2. Make 2 loops

Next, take the bottom end and make a loop.

Making loops

Then, take the other side and make a looser, second loop, on top of the first loop.

You end up with a heart-like shape.

Pulling through loose loop

3. Pull through the loose loop

Put your fingers through the loose loop.

Pulling through loose loop

Then, grab the tail end of the other piece and pull it through to make a loop inside the other loop.

Pulling both sides

4. Pull both sides simultaneously

While pulling that end of the belt, grab the other side and pull in the opposite direction to make your bow.

Pulling both sides

5. Adjust

Pull the loops or adjust the middle part knot as needed to create an even bow.


And that’s how you make the perfect bow!

How to tie a perfect bow

How to tie a perfect bow 

If you liked this fashion hack, show us you, sporting the perfect bow on your favorite belted piece in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Belted garment

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