How to Use Aloe Vera on Your Face: Can Aloe Really Clear Your Skin?

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how well aloe vera worked on my skin. If you have sensitive skin like me, then keep watching to find out if the hype about aloe vera holds true.

Does using fresh aloe vera on your face actually clear pimples and inflamed skin? Let’s discover the benefits of fresh aloe vera together!

Tools and materials:

  • Aloe vera plant leaf or store-bought aloe vera gel
  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Water
  • Bowl and spoon
Preparing a steam

1. Prepare your skin

Half fill a bowl with boiling water and add 3 drops of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil promotes blood circulation, controls acne, and brightens and tones your skin. But it’s very strong, so should only be used diluted.

Adding tea tree and peppermint oils to the steam

Now add 4 to 6 drops of tea tree oil. This oil acts as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and is good for healing wounds on all skin types. It’s great for treating acne and inflamed pimples.

Mix your water and oils well.

Placing a towel over the head

With a towel over your head and bowl, steam your face over the water mixture for 10 minutes with your eyes closed. 

Cutting the fresh aloe vera

2. Prepare your fresh aloe vera

Take one leaf from your aloe vera plant and peel the rubbery outer layer off the top of it.

Applying fresh aloe vera gel to the face

3. Apply the fresh aloe vera gel

Rub the exposed side of the aloe vera leaf, with all the aloe gel goodness, directly onto your face, especially over any inflamed pimples.

How to use fresh aloe

Tip: if the gel on your aloe vera leaf begins to dry out, simply poke your nail into it in several spots to release more gel. 

Using aloe vera on the face

Let the fresh aloe vera gel sit on your face for 30 minutes and then rinse clean. It is normal for it to be a bit itchy.

Repeat the fresh aloe vera application every day for 7 days.

Benefits of fresh aloe vera on skin

4. The reveal!

Here is what one of my inflamed pimples looked like on day 1.

Using aloe vera to clear skin

And here is day 6 after the fresh aloe vera gel treatment! 

How to use aloe vera on your face

How to use aloe vera on your face

So, is the hype about aloe vera real? My verdict is “yes,” because, although I did have some new pimples break out during the 7 days, overall, my skin looked brighter and felt softer.

Try it for yourself and leave a comment to let me know how well this fresh aloe vera gel treatment for your face worked for you. 

Suggested materials:
  • Aloe vera plant leaf or store-bought aloe vera gel
  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil
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  • Angel Baker Angel Baker on Jul 26, 2022

    Even easier ... use honey. Besides your normal daily face washing while in the shower ... when you first notice a breakout starting ... before bed, put a drop of honey on the spot & then cover with a bandaid. Your body heat will make the honey even messier so the bandaid helps to keep honey from getting on everything. When you wake up, if caught early, it will only take one time. Sometimes a couple tries if you don't catch it right away. The bacteria in the honey will attack the bad bacteria in the breakout & its gone much quicker. Honey had a little bit of healing powers & was even used long ago for wounds long before our moderm medicines. I read it years ago & thought it sounded to good to be true but I tried it & it worked for me.

  • Angel Baker Angel Baker on Jul 26, 2022

    Another quick tip ... when I was little I remember my dad trying to help my mom with her toenails. He had a cotton ball & the nail file & would try & poke the cotton under the nail. I never really understood it. Fast forward a few years & I noticed I was having trouble with my big toe & the nail. I've heard of people going to the doctor for it. I hate doctors & didn't want either if my parents poking cotton under my nail. Then it hit me. Hand cream softens skin ... I'll try it I put a blob of hand cream on it. Enough to cover the spot. Then I put my sox on to help keep it from getting all over. I would usually do it before bed or when I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere. Usually, by the time I woke up it would be fine. It softens the skin enough so that it stops cutting into the skin because the skin is now soft enough for the nail to grow & push the skin to the side. I haven't had the problem again & its been about twenty or thirty years since I did it. I told my mom & dad about it & they no longer use cotton. I told my better half & she no longer uses cotten. I've told friends that were always going to the doctor & now they don't have to go to the doctor. They can fix it themselves at home.