How to Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil For Skin

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Roman chamomile essential oil isn't as well-known, but it is actually really wonderful for your skin!

The science behind this essential oil is fascinating, but one of the coolest things I learned researching was how good it is for many skin concerns.

It is great to diffuse also.

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Roman Chamomile Essential Oil for Skin

The interesting thing about essential oils is how easy you can incorporate them into skincare. In fact, many essential oils are found in natural skincare products because of how well they work!

Roman Chamomile essential oil has some great uses for your skin.

Here are my favorite benefits:

** Be sure to read the blog post for a scientific breakdown of this oil!

Treat Blemishes

In the science section we noted the high anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits of roman chamomile. This makes it a great addition to your skin for treating blemishes! It can minimize the appearance of acne and also treat it. You can add a few drops this oil to your face wash, or add a few drops to toner and apply to face.

Helps Aging Skin

Essential oils make a great option for aging skin due to the high levels of antioxidants. Roman chamomile can help aging skin look more youthful and radiant. You can use a few drops on face cream or to your toner like we mentioned above.

Skin Inflammation

The chamazulene we talked about in the science section is a very popular substance for treating a variety of skin issues including inflammation. This can be anything from redness to pimples!

How to Use:

You can add several drops into regular skincare products or use a carrier oil to apply like jojoba or coconut oil. You can add a carrier oil with a few drops of roman chamomile to a pad (below) or cotton ball to treat things like blemishes.

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