It's Shocking How Good This Claw Clip Hack Works!

You can not deny that claw clips are the number one hair accessory right now They're trending and you can find them EVERYWHERE it's like wow is this the 90s again? I guess it's true what they say, fashion is a cycle and what goes around comes back around.

Here's a great claw clip hack for using your claw clip with a ball cap. This is perfect for hair wash days or when you need to cover an oily mess.

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Start by pulling out a small piece of hair with your finger

The hair you pull out should be in the whole of your ball cap like this

Now gather all of your loose hair at the bottom and start to wrap it around your hand

Put your hair up and with the small section you took our with your finger

Now using the clip you'll grab from the hair you wrapped and the little section of hair you took out, make sure it's all in the clip

This hack gives your clip more security and keeps it from falling

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Find me on Instagram @jamielvandenberg

Find me on TikTok @jamielvandenberg

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  • Kim Dregalla Kim Dregalla on Feb 06, 2023

    Have plenty of clips but don’t wear ball caps!

  • Jo Jo on Feb 06, 2023

    Will try this for sure. The wind won’t be so likely to blow my cap into the lake…Bonus!