No-Sew, Designer Hack for a Rhinestone Fringe

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This DIY is not only insanely easy but it is also going to save you a ton of money! I am going to show you a no-sew designer hack to style up your clothes! I have been obsessed with rhinestone fringe fashion but in-store, this style costs quite a bit. You can easily recreate this look for your clothes and stick to the budget!

Tools and materials:

  • Gem-tac
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Rhinestone fringe
No-sew rhinestone fringe

Add a rhinestone fringe to shorts 

First I decided to work on adding the rhinestone fringe to a pair of jean shorts. I had this pair of jeans that I had thrifted so I decided to cut them into shorts. When you cut jeans into shorts, you want to make sure the seams are all lined up before you cut. I like to cut mine shorter on the outside and longer on the inside because it creates a more flattering shape. 

Cut the fringe

I threw my shorts in the wash to get the distressed look and then started measuring my fringe. I laid the fringe out along the parts of the shorts that I wanted to add it to, making sure everything was flat and stretched out. When I had the right measurement, I cut the fringe. I always try to give myself an extra inch just in case. 

Cut a second piece

I cut the second piece of fringe to match the first and then started working with my gem-tac glue. I applied a little bit of glue along the pocket of my shorts. I love that the gem-tac comes out white and thick and isn’t stringy. 

Adjust the fringe

When applying the fringe it’s best to work in sections. So I just added a bit of glue and then dropped the fringe on top of it. I then gently used my fingers to adjust and make sure the fringe lined up and looked neat. 

Rhinestone fringe trim

I then moved down the side. Here you want to try and make sure that you get a nice clean curve as you move away from the pocket. I continued sticking down the fringe using the same technique as before.

Use clothes pegs

With the trimming on both sides of the shorts, I used clothes pegs to hold the fringe in place and put it to the side to dry. 

Rhinestone fringe shorts

I love how much the fringe adds to this pair of shorts! 

Pin the arm

Add a rhinestone fringe to a sweatshirt 

Next, I wanted to add this amazing rhinestone fringe to a sweatshirt. First I tried on the sweatshirt and pinned where I wanted to have the cut-out. 

Cut the fabric

I then moved my pins out slightly and cut out the fabric from my sweatshirt. 

Try it on

I tried on the sweatshirt just in case there were any adjustments I needed to make. I was actually really happy with the way the cut-out fell on my shoulder and arm. It was sitting perfectly. 

DIY rhinestone fringe

I laid down my sweatshirt, making sure the circle was lying flat and I, once again, began to work in sections to apply my fringe. 

Stick down the fringe

After each section I let the fringe sit for a little bit before moving on to the next one just so that the gem-tac could settle a little. It’s important to stick the fringe as close to the edge as possible because the glue will actually prevent the fabric from fraying. When I reached the end I cut it as close as possible so that I had a nice, even seam at the shoulder. 

Hand sew to cinch

To clean up around the shoulder seam a little, I actually took a needle and thread and just sewed to cinch the end and beginning of the fringe together. 

Rhinestone fringe shirt

This rhinestone fringe totally transformed my sweatshirt! 

Glue to a dress

Add rhinestone fringe to a dress

In a last-minute decision, I decided to add the gorgeous fringe to a dress I’ve had for a couple of years. The front of the dress has an asymmetric overlap and it seemed like the perfect place to add on the rhinestone fringe. The technique to attach the fringe is the exact same, only this time I added slightly more gem-tac because I used a bit of a heavier fringe with a thicker binding. 

Hand sew at the top

I hand sewed just a little bit right at the top where I started adding the fringe. I did this because this would be the point where the fringe may start to come off and I really wanted to secure it onto the dress. 

Rhinestone fringe dress

The fringe makes this dress a whole lot more glamorous! Which piece do you like best? Let me know in the comments! 

Suggested materials:

  • Gem-tac
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
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  • Rosemary Rosemary on Jun 20, 2021

    Definitely, I would do all three projects. You can wear casual, evening and playtime. LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  • Faith Faith on Oct 16, 2021

    You go girl!!!!!...LOVE all your talented videos!!!...especially the lamp with pink salt cubes glued to it , except I took the easy way out...went to Walmart & bought a lamp with a fillable bottom. It turned out FABULOUS.. . I bought a beautiful different looking shade in white @ Home Depot & then bought some pale pink hued light bulbs for it...the whole thing looks like it cost $$$