Jewelers' Hack to Remove Tight Rings...Windex...Not Just for Windows!

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Swollen Fingers. Summer Heat. My Rings Were So Tight and Needed to Come Off...But No Amount of Twisting or Hand Soap Washing Caused Even the Slightest Budge. Maybe I'd Have to Wear the Rings Forever...Or, the Rings Would Have to Be Cut Off...Ugh.

Then I Learned the Jewelers' Hack to Easily Remove Too-Tight Rings...Windex!

Windex Glass Cleaner Spray...Amazon LINK.

Ready to Try?? Let's Go!

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Get a stuck ring off and use it for so many more hacks with this bestseller Windex spray that Amazon reviewers swear by!

BEFORE: My Gold Rosary Ring on the Right Inner/Outer Double Ring that Spins on the Finger...the Ring is Stuck and needs a bit of help to get off over the knuckle.

BEFORE: Two Diamond Rings on the Left Hand...Both were Stuck and had Trouble getting over the knuckle...

Let's Try the Jewelers' Hack...Apply Windex Glass Cleaner Spray!

First, Spray the Ring Finger with Windex...Give it a good dose of spray...a paper towel will soak up the excess liquid.

Next, while the Finger is Wet with Windex, Gently begin Twisting the Ring...the Windex lubricates the Finger and the Ring. The Ring should begin to Loosen and Turn around the Finger.

Keep Gently Twisting, Turning, and Tugging (just a little tug) on the Ring, towards your fingertip...

AFTER: The Ring should Move Up Over the Knuckle and Come Off the Finger!

Now for the Left Hand...Two Rings...If the First Attempt Doesn't Work...Wait a Bit and Try Applying the Windex Again.

Sometimes Soaking the Ring Finger in Cold Water Helps to Tamp Down Finger Swelling.

Try Again...Spray, Twist, Turn, Tug a Little, and Slowly Pull Off!

AFTER: I Was Shocked, but Greatly Relieved, that the Windex Jewelers' Hack Works!

As if By Magic!

Windex...Not Just for Cleaning Windows!!!

The Jewelers' Hack/Secret that Works!

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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  • Pat Pat on May 19, 2024

    My mother went to a jeweler to have a ring cut off her badly swollen finger. They sprayed Windex on her finger instead of cutting off the ring. Worked perfectly.

  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on May 19, 2024

    Hi Pay. Thanks for sharing! So glad this worked!! Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!