How to DIY 3 Cute Designer Dupe Necklaces

Angela Boss
by Angela Boss
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I picked up a few items from the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby to make a few DIY designer necklace dupes. It was super simple and fun. Follow along if you’ve got to have one for yourself!

Tools and materials:

  • 16” silver chain 
  • Silver uppercase letter charms 
  • Small gold uppercase letter charms 
  • 30” thin gold chain
  • Black suede cord
  • Rhinestone uppercase letters (B-O-S-S-Y) 
  • Pliers
Materials for DIY necklaces

Here are the “ingredients” for a few DIY necklaces.

1. Christian Dior necklace dupe 

1. Find your pieces

Remove the silver chain and pick out D-I-O-R letter charms. 

D-I-O-R letter charms

2. Measure your chain to fit

Wrap the chain around your neck and hook it closed at the length you choose. 

Measuring chain to fit

Cut the chain using pliers at the point that you measured. Just twist the pliers gently and it opens up.

Cutting chain

3. Reconfigure the end of the chain

You’ll notice that on the section that you removed, the chain pattern is different at the very end.

Remove that last part and attach it to the end of your necklace for a finished look. (See video 4:55 - 5:50)

Pinching chain

Using the pliers again, pinch it in place. Make sure it’s completely shut because you don’t want your necklace to fall apart. 

Pinching chain

4. Attach letters to the chain

With your pliers, open up the top loop of each letter, align the letters where you want them on the chain. Then, squeeze each loop closed. 

Letter charm

Attaching letter charm

Here’s the finished Dior necklace dupe:

Finished Dior necklace dupe

So. Stinkin’. Fabulous. It came out much better than I anticipated!

2. Chanel necklace dupe

Basically, I used the same process as I just showed you with the Dior necklace.

This time, the chain was longer, so I decided to have these smaller letters go sideways down one side of the chain.

C-H-A-N-E-L letter charms

Using your pliers like you did with the Dior necklace, attach each letter where you like them on the chain. Here’s the final product:

DIY Chanel necklace dupe

It took longer than I expected but it was worth it. So cute! Let’s make one more DIY necklace together!

3. Rhinestone choker

For this one, we’ll use these uppercase rhinestone letters. You can spell whatever word you’d like. I chose to go with “BOSSY”. 

B-O-S-S-Y letter charms

All you need to do is thread them on the cord, making little knots beside each letter to hold it in place. Here’s the final product:

DIY B-O-S-S-Y necklace

This was the easiest of the three necklaces, it barely took any time at all. Gorgeous!

You’ll see I wrapped it around my neck to keep it choker length and tied the ends in the front for another cute detail. 

DIY B-O-S-S-Y necklace

DIY designer dupe necklaces

I love making luxury, designer-inspired pieces. These DIY necklaces came out amazingly.

Show us your creations in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • 16” silver chain
  • Silver uppercase letter charms
  • Small gold uppercase letter charms
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