How to Make a DIY Denim Bracelet With a Cute Flower Design

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DIY jewelry is fun to make, fun to wear, and fun to give! Follow along with me to make a DIY denim bracelet out of some old jeans. It’s really simple and the bracelet is so cute you will want to make one for yourself and a friend.

Tools and materials:

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scrap lace
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Decorative beads
Cutting the waistband of old jeans

1. Make the bracelet wristband

Cut out the front section of your jeans' waistband. Make the piece you cut just a bit larger than your wrist circumference, with the button in the middle. 

Sewing the short ends together

With the right side facing out, fold the wristband piece in half widthwise and hand-sew the short open end. Don’t worry about the stitches showing, because they will be covered by the time you are done.

Cutting out a circle from the denim

2. Make a flower

Trace and cut a 12-centimeter (4.7-inch) diameter circle from your leftover denim.

Drawing a spiral shape on the denim circle

Draw a spiral shape on your circle, starting at the edge and working into the middle.

Cutting out the spiral shape

Cut along the spiral line.

Sewing a basting stitch to gather the denim

Use a sewing needle and thread to hand-stitch a basting line along the inside edge of the spiral, gathering the denim as you go.

Rolling the denim into a flower shape

Roll up the denim into a flower shape, with the right side of the denim facing in.

Hand-sewing the bottom of the denim flower

Hand-sew through the bottom of the flower to keep it closed.

Adding decorative beads to the flower center

Sew or glue some decorative beads into the center of the flower.

Cutting a piece of pink lace

Cut a piece of decorative lace a bit longer than your unfurled denim spiral. 

Turning the lace trim into a flower

Hand-sew a basting stitch and gather along one long edge, just as you did with the denim spiral. If the lace is scalloped on one side, be sure to baste on the straight edge.

Gluing the ends of the lace together

Join the ends of the lace flower and glue to attach them together.

How to make denim bracelets

3. Assemble the denim bracelet

Lay the denim flower on top of the lace flower and place them in the center of the wristband.

How to make denim cuff bracelets out of old jeans

Sew or glue the lace flower to the wristband, and the denim flower to the lace flower.

How to make a denim wrap bracelet and decorate it

Glue decorative beads onto the wristband.

DIY denim bracelet

DIY denim bracelet tutorial

That’s all there is to making this cute denim bracelet. You can use any color denim or lace that you have and get creative with the decorative beads.

Leave a comment to let me know if you tried this DIY denim bracelet and what your friends had to say when they saw it.

Suggested materials:
  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scrap lace
  • Scissors
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