4 DIY Seashell Hair Clip Ideas That Will Release Your Inner Mermaid

Maria Dotz
by Maria Dotz
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In this tutorial, I'll be showing you four different ways of making a DIY seashell hair clip. These mermaid hair accessories are really cute and perfect for the summer. Plus, they're super easy to make. Let's "dive in"!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair clips
  • Assorted shells
  • Glue
  • Glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
Create the seashell hair clip design

Seashell hair clip 1

1. Design the layout

Gather all the shells that you’d like to use for this mermaid hair clip and pre-design your layout before gluing them together. 

Gluing the seashells together with hot glue

2. Glue the shells together

Using hot glue from your glue gun, carefully apply some glue to each shell at the side and stick the bigger shells together, as shown. 

Gluing a circle to attach the main shell

Now, add the center shell by gluing around the inner circle. 

Filling in the gaps with smaller seashells

Then, fill in the gaps by gluing smaller shells in between the larger ones. 

Adding glue to the back of the seashells

3. Glue the shells onto the hair clip

Now flip the whole DIY mermaid hair clip over, and add a generous amount of glue to the back of the accessory. 

Assemble the seashell hair clip

Then, add a hair clip in the center. Press it down firmly. 

Seashell hair accessories

How beautiful are these seashell hair accessories? 

Applying glue to the hair clip first

Seashell hair clip 2

1. Add glue to the hair clip

Add some glue to the surface of your hair clip. 

Sticking overlapping seashells onto the clip

2. Stick small, overlapping seashells onto the clip

Then, add smaller seashells along the length of the hair clip, making sure they overlap each other. 

Painting gold dots onto the seashells

3. Add some gold paint

Add some sparkle by painting some cute dots to each shell with gold acrylic paint. 

Mermaid hair clip

Easy, right? I love this mermaid hair clip. It’s simple yet captivating and would look beautiful paired with a stunning dress. 

Gluing seashells together

Seashell hair clip 3

1. Glue the seashells together

Just like the first style, go ahead and glue each shell by the corners and attach, as shown. 

Gluing the back of the seashell design

Glue the back side, so the shells stay in place. 

Creating a smaller version of the design

I also made a miniature version of this style. How cute? 

Adding a shell on top

Finally, add a blob of glue to the center, and attach your shell to secure it. 

Gluing the two designs together on the clip

2. Attach the seashells to the hair clip

Add some glue to your hair clip, and attach both sizes next to each other. 

Seashell hair clip

Here’s the final look of this seashell hair clip. Love it!

Painting the seashells with acrylic paint

Seashell hair clip 4

1. Paint the shells

I’m taking the final style to the next level; I’m painting my shell pieces to form a beautiful butterfly hair clip. Here, I’m using acrylic paint, and I’m starting with the wings. 

Painting the seashells

With purple acrylic paint, paint the two top feelers. 

Painting gold dots on the shells

Then, add some gold dots to the center-stone. 

Painting the shell tips gold

Finish off the feelers by painting the top tips in gold, too. 

Painting a wing design on the shell in black

With black acrylic paint and a thin brush, carefully draw some lines for the wings. 

Turning seashells into butterfly wings

Add some dots to the tips of the wings. 

Gluing the seashells together

2. Glue the pieces together

Now it’s time to glue the pieces together. Use hot glue to dab on the sides and where necessary. 

Butterfly hair clip made from seashells

Here’s the result! I love this cute shell hair clip; it’s so beautiful and detailed.

DIY seashell hair clips

DIY seashell hair clip tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make mermaid hair clips out of seashells. Let me know which design is your favorite and whether you'll be trying to recreate any of these seashell hair clip styles yourself!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair clips
  • Assorted shells
  • Glue
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