Decoupaged Earrings Makeover With Floral Stamps

3 Materials
1 Hour

These decoupaged floral earrings are so easy to create with just a few supplies.

I found this pair of silver metal earrings at a thrift store for a dollar, and thought they were the perfect candidate for a pretty floral makeover.

The flat back beads on these earrings are plastic, and I assumed they were glued on.

With just a couple of whacks with a hammer they came loose.

They were marked up a bit, but that really doesn't matter.

For this project I'm using DecoArt Paper decoupage Medium.

I used the plastic beads as a template for my floral stamps.

After my pretty pansy stamps were cut out I applied some decoupage medium with a small brush onto the earring.

Once the floral stamp was in place I applied some of the decoupage medium on top.

And then I let them dry.

My floral earrings got three coats of the decoupage medium, letting them dry in between.

I didn't like the bits of white letters that you could see on the left sides of the earring so I filled those in with a green pencil crayon. And you don't even notice it.

This was a very easy project, and it's a super quick way to give some ordinary earrings a whole new look.

The cut outs don't have to be perfect. No one's going to be looking at them as close as in this picture.

Don't have stamps? You can use any florals or other graphics that you love.

If you enjoyed this project you can find more diy jewelry-related projects on my blog here.

Suggested materials:
  • DecoArt Paper Decoupage Medium   (Amazon)
  • Paper graphics   (thrift store)
  • Foam brush   (Amazon)

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  • Kim Kim on Sep 04, 2021

    So cute! Thanks!

  • Jerry Smith Jerry Smith on May 28, 2022

    Have lots of jewelry with plastic cabs- tried to freeze them with no luck- never thought to whack them with a hammer- THANK YOU- Now I have a bunch of new frames for resin😉, Dana