DIY Fused Mini Amber Glass Bottle Earrings

Johnnie L
by Johnnie L

So, I am crazy excited to share today’s jewelry tutorial with you. These earrings are my go to piece for several reasons. They are beautiful, unique and go with all kinds of outfits. I got the idea when flattening wine bottles in my kiln. I remembered the tiny bottles, or vials that people fill with mica powder and little notes and thought it would be so cool to flatten them. I wasn’t sure what I would do with them flat, but as soon as the kiln cooled and I laid eyes on them, I knew I wanted to wire wrap and wear them!


  • 7 Gypsies Amber Apothecary Bottles
  • Round nose jewelry pliers
  • Flat nose jewelry pliers
  • 20 gauge jewelry wire
  • Flush wire cutter
  • Earring findings
  • 10 coordinating seed beads
  • Microwave kiln


Fuse your bottles, one at a time in your microwave kiln. I showed you how to use that here: DIY Wine Bottle Earrings. You can also use a regular kiln if you have that. Let them cool to room temperature before continuing.

Cut 7 inches of wire and string 5 beads onto it.

Place beads in front and situate wire at neck of fused bottle as shown.

Bring the left side wire around the bottle neck and back to the front as shown.

Wrap both wire ends around the neck a few times, ending with 2 wire tails in the back as shown.

Wrap the two ends as shown so that they are vertical.

Coil one end around the other as shown.

Trim the end of the wire you just coiled.

Use the flat nose pliers to bend the remaining tail to form a 90 degree angle.

With the round nose pliers, form a loop as shown.

Thread the ear wire onto the loop, then trim the excess tail.

I love them! I can’t wait to make more. Next I will use clear vials and color them with alcohol ink. Exciting stuff!

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Johnnie L
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  • Diane Diane on Feb 05, 2021

    Adorable, I love them!

  • Cally Cally on Mar 17, 2021

    if you put a tiny piece of paper in the bottle before fusing (with one word on it, like "love", "faith", etc) would the paper burn up before the bottle could be flattened? i love this idea!