DIY Peacock Earrings

30 Minutes

I love creating my own jewelry. It's so fun, and I love being able to create something unique for myself.

DIY Peacock Earrings

These bronze findings are so pretty, but I wasn't really sure what to do with them at first. The more I looked at them, the more they looked like peacock feathers. So, I looked through my collection of beads and found some that looked a little like the colors and shimmer of peacock feathers. It was meant to be! After a little bit of experimenting with jump rings and beads, I created some beautiful earrings that I have gotten many compliments on. A few people were surprised that I had made them myself.

DIY Peacock Earring Supplies


2 Antique Bronze Jewelry Findings

2 Fishhook Earring Wires (bronze if you can find them, but I used Sterling Silver)

20 Jump Rings

20 Black Rainbow Seed Beads

Jewelry Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1: Open the bottom loop of the fishhook earring wires with the needle nose pliers. Hook the top of the bronze finding through the loop and use the pliers to close it back up.

*The best way to open earring wires and jump rings is to twist it until you have a space big enough to fit a bead or finding by using your fingers on one side, and the pliers on the other (or two sets of pliers). This will also help the rings keep their circle shape. Do not just pull the jump ring open. Pulling the rings open will distort the circle and make the rings more likely to break.

Step 2: Open one jump ring, and slide a bead onto it. Slide one end of the jump ring through one of the loops at the bottom of the finding. Close the jump ring. Repeat for the remaining four loops with different color beads.

Step 3: You can leave the earring as-is, or I added a second jump ring & bead to each loop. Repeat step 2 with the jump rings and beads, but attach them to the rings already on the earring instead of the finding loops.

DIY Peacock Earrings

Repeat steps 1-3 for the other earring, and you're done! These earrings are easy and inexpensive to make for yourself, or they would make a perfect Mother's Day, birthday, or even a bridal shower gift! My mom has already asked for a pair of her own.

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