Easy Stackable Stone Earrings

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
4 Materials
20 Minutes

I had a bunch of stone beads that I believe may have been part of a necklace that tore. Like I said I have a large assortment of loose beads!

I used two metal stands with a flat end and started beading each with the stones.

Initially, I stacked the stones completely random since I wanted the earrings to have an organic feel, but then I realized I needed to give a little more thought to the placement in order for each bead to line up with the one next to it and fall as close together as they could.

Once I had the beads on the stand, I looped the end to create a hook using round nosed pliers.

Then I added earring hooks through the hooks I created.

As you can see I was in the mood to create some jewelry on this particular day and the earrings go with my chakra necklace! (see previous post) I guess my balanced chakras got the creative juices flowing ;)

An easy and unique piece to add to your collection! And they match my eyes :)

Suggested materials:
  • Flat stone beads
  • Earring hooks
  • Round nose pliers
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