How to Make Beautiful DIY Earrings Using Old Bangles?

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by Saara Philip
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This handmade jewelry tutorial is ideal for those who love to make their own ornaments and accessories. This is a DIY Earrings jewelry making tutorial where we are teaching how to make one very easy to make and beautiful earrings for you. You can use any old pair of glass bangles lying in your makeup box. With the help of little accessories like jumper, hook, pearl and glue you can make this creative earring in minutes. Let’s learn the step-by-step process –

Things you need

  • 2 Old Glass Bangles of any color
  • 2 Jump-rings
  • 2 white Pearls
  • Hooks
  • Glue


Step 1 : Take an old glass bangle of any color.

Step 2 : Attach a small circle ring from the jump ring to the bangle.

Step 3 : Insert the long part of the jump-ring inside the ring so that it is suspended inside the bangle.

Step 4 : In the similar fashion insert the hook inside the ring.

Step 5 : This way your hook and jump-ring are now fixed in the glass bangle.

Step 6 : Now, take a white pearl and apply some glue on it as shown.

Step 7 : Insert the long stick of jump-ring inside the hole of the pearl and fix it there so that the pearl is also kept suspended inside the bangle.

This way your beautiful earring is ready.

Step 8 : Make another earring by following the similar steps.

Step 9 : Wow! Your beautiful pair of creative earrings is now ready.

You can wear these handmade earrings in any party or event and show it off with pride. People will surely love it and appreciate your creative skills. What’s more this is very cost effective and cheap accessory that you can make at your home.

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Happy Crafting!

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