How to Make Cute Christmas Ornament Earrings in 3 Super-Simple Steps

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Are you looking for a unique holiday gift for yourself or your loved ones? I’m going to show you how to make Christmas ornament earrings! They’re fun, flashy, shiny, and guaranteed to put you in a jolly and festive mood this season! Plus, you probably already have the materials in your house.

I think this project is so fun, and the result is oh-so-fabulous! Ready to start this DIY ornament earrings tutorial? Let's get making!

Tools and materials:

  • 2 Mini Christmas tree baubles
  • Earring hooks
How to make Xmas bauble earrings

How to make earrings with miniature ornaments

1. Prep the ornament

As mentioned, this project is so straightforward; you can make these DIY Christmas ornament earrings in minutes. All you need is a pair of mini Christmas baubles and rings hooks.

The first step is to carefully pull your bauble apart, as shown. Do this carefully, especially if the ornament is made of glass. The top part should come off easily, then take out the wire part.

Feeding the earring hook into the ornament

2. Add the earring hook

Now, grab your earring hook and feed it through the wire part of the bauble. 

Making DIY ornament earrings

3. Rebuild the Christmas ornament

Ok, so this is the tricky part; pinch the ends of the wires together and feed it back through the top piece of the bauble. This can be a bit finicky, so you made need some patience.

When I was young, I broke part of my hand and it didn't set right, so sometimes I find these small crafty things difficult. However, if I can make these cute DIY ornament earrings, so can you!

DIY Christmas ornament earrings tutorial

Then, insert the wire part into the bauble and close the top with the cap. 

DIY Christmas ornament earrings

How to make Christmas ornament earrings tutorial

That’s it! You have yourself some beautiful, upcycled DIY ornament earrings! I love how this gives a real festive touch, and the most important part, it’s so inexpensive to make!

These make absolutely fantastic last-minute gifts. Thanks for joining me, and happy holidays!

Suggested materials:
  • 2 Mini Christmas tree baubles
  • Earring hooks

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