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by Stacy Davis
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Have you all heard of the saying, “Crafting is cheaper than therapy”? I was having a tough week. Youngest daughter starting first year of college during a pandemic, husband ends up in the hospital for a week, oldest son loses job due to pandemic moves back home, beloved dog has a tumor so large, I can’t even... week. Yep, all this was the same week. Then one more thing happened and I fell to pieces... I couldn’t concentrate to read, I had no interest in my mild addiction, TikTok... I was in a bad way and couldn’t figure a way to cheer myself up, then I started this project. It’s quick and relatively inexpensive to start. You can complete them in about 15 minutes. After completing one, I felt sooo much better. After two, I was almost back to my old self. The more you make, the better you feel.These holders are great so when you remove your mask, you don’t have to set it down anywhere. I am notorious for taking it off in my car and setting it in my lap, then at the next destination, I stand up and it falls to the ground. Ok! On with the tutorial!

Supplies Needed

This is what I used, as with any craft project you might be able to use other supplies instead of what I used. I used 49 strand beading wire, beads, crimp tubes or beads, lobster clasps, crimper, flush cutter. Not shown, small binder clip. I also used a bead palette but it isn’t necessary but it is only a few dollars and very helpful.

This is the beading wire that I used. If you want to make a lot of these, buy the 100 ft one on Amazon for $30.

This particular style was all the same sized bead and in no particular order. The wire is stiff enough that it is easy to string your beads onto it.I believe my length of wire is 23 cm.

Once your beads are on, you will add a crimp tube to one end.

These are the crimp beads that I used.

Slide a lobster clasp on. Then you will bring the wire end back through the crimp tube.

You will use the bean or c hole on your crimper to close your tube. Then the second hole to close it even tighter.

Do the same on the other side and you are done.

For my second beaded mask holder, I went colorful. These glass beads reminded me of chicklets. Anyone old enough to remember those?

This time, I used two different sizes of beads. I used 25 inches of wire for this one. To whatever length you want your holder to be, add about 2 or 3 inches.

I brought the wire through the crimp bead, through the lobster clasp back through the crimp bead and tucked the extra in to the bead hole.

First, I used the hole that looks like a bean to close the tube. Then I used the second hole to close it even further.

Done with one side... do the same on the other side and you are done.

I absolutely love it!

I find it is easier to grab it from my purse with this holder attached.

Here’s another picture of supplies needed. What do you think? Would you try this? I’m going to try to get a video of the process. Let me know if you would like to see that. It is soooo easy.

I really love these and I think you will too.

No more, standing up and picking it up off the ground. Also, it is so handy to grab the strand from my purse.

It’s so easy to create different styles just by switching out a few beads.

Suggested materials:
  • Beads   (Etsy)
  • Beading wire   (Michaels)
  • Crimp bead/tube   (Michaels)
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  • Cindy Galt Cindy Galt on Dec 18, 2021

    I get together once a month with a friend to either color, make jewelry, etc. Think I will take this idea and LOTS of beads to her house next month and see if we can make some.

    • Stacy Davis Stacy Davis on Dec 19, 2021

      That is such a great idea. I wish I had someone here to craft with. 😊 My daughter will be home soon so I'll have to have her craft with me!!!

  • Patty Patty on Dec 19, 2021

    This is such a great idea. Pretty too!