How to Make a Lariat Necklace That is Elegant & Easily Adjustable

Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a lariat necklace with vegan suede. Vegan suede is a man-made polyester material, labelled “suede” because it mimics the feel of real suede.

Follow the simple techniques in this tutorial to make yourself a stylish adjustable DIY “suede” lariat necklace that you will love to wear!

Tools and materials:

  • 120 inches vegan suede cord cut in half
  • Textured ring
  • 4 small charms in designs of your choice
  • 4 18-gauge 4-millimeter jump rings
  • 4 jewelry end caps
  • Regular pliers
  • Bent chain-nose pliers

What is a lariat necklace?

A lariat is a long necklace made of long, thin pieces of material and doesn't have a traditional clasp or closure. Instead, the pieces are held in place with a loop or knot, which can be adjustable.

Making a knot with the vegan suede cord

1. Create the basic lariat necklace

Hold the two strands of suede together and find the center of your two pieces. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly in the center. Feed the middle point of the suede strands through the textured ring and secure it to the ring with a lark’s head knot.

See the video at 1:22 if you aren’t sure how to make this knot. 

Tightening the knot on the ring

Make sure that the strands of the knot are all laying nice and flat when you tighten the knot.

Passing the cord lengths through the ring

Take the other ends of your suede strands and pass them through the loop as well.

Trimming the ends to the appropriate length

2. Cap the ends of the lariat necklace

Put the necklace over your head to estimate how you want it to lay on you. Think of how long you want the tail of the lariat to be for you.

Take off the necklace and pull the ends through the loop to where you want them. Trim the ends to the length you want, keeping all the ends at slightly different lengths. You don’t want the ends to be blunt cut. 

Attaching end caps to the cord lengths

Attach an end cap to each of the four strands of suede, keeping the loop of the cap at the bottom. Make sure the strand is laying flat inside the end cap and not showing through the bottom.

When you have the end of the strand well-placed, use a pair of regular pliers to crimp the end cap tight in the middle on both sides to secure the strand end inside the cap.

Embelling the DIY lariat necklace

3. Embellish the DIY lariat necklace

Attach charms to your DIY lariat necklace by first opening the jump rings with bent chain-nose pliers and sliding each charm onto a jump ring.

Then, slide each jump ring through a loop at the bottom of an end cap. Now each of the four strands of the lariat necklace have a charm at the bottom.

How to make a lariat necklace

How to make a lariat necklace tutorial

The great thing about this DIY suede lariat necklace is that the positioning of it is fully adjustable, and you can choose vegan suede in a variety of colors.

Make lots of these necklaces to go with different pieces of your wardrobe. Leave a comment to let us know what you think of this tutorial on how to make a lariat necklace and how your lariat necklace turned out.

Suggested materials:
  • 120 inches vegan suede cord cut in half
  • Textured rings
  • 4 small charms in designs of your choice
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