Patriotic Necklace and Pinwheel Hair Clip

15 Minutes

Make yourself a Patriotic Necklace and Pinwheel Hair Clip to wear on the 4th of July!

The 4th of July is on its way, which means lots of bright red, white, and blue decor, fireworks, and a full day of celebrating our country. To get my daughter all ready for the big day, I've teamed up with Fizzy Pops to create some unique accessories to wear in celebration of our country's birthday.

At Fizzy Pops, you can find beads in practically every size, shape, and color. I chose a variety of reds, whites, and blues, including flowers and striped beads to create a fun, patriotic bubblegum neckalce. Making necklaces with these fun beads really is easy. The hardest part is laying them out and rearranging them until you finally get a pattern you love!!

At one end of the beading wire, add the lobster clasp and a crimp bead. Thread the wire through the lobster clasp then back through the crimp bead and crimp it closed. Start threading your beads onto the wire. When you get to the end, add the small chain and crimp bead and crimp it closed. Now your necklace is finished and ready for wear!

I had some extra beads, so I put together an adorable patriotic bracelet. Simply thread the beads onto some Stretch Magic elastic thread. Once the beads have been added, tie the ends together multiple times. Pull the knot tight and add a drop of super glue over the knot. Simple as that!!

Now that the jewelry is done, I'm excited to show you how to make some adorable patriotic pinwheel hair clips! I got my red, white, and blue felt from Busy Little Bird. You'll need to cut two 3" by 3" squares of felt for each pinwheel. I'm making two pinwheels - one red & white, and the other blue & white.

Stack the two squares of felt and cut into each corner about 1 1/2 inches. I measured in from each corner and marked a dot with a marker, but you could easily eyeball it and it will still look great! Just be sure not to cut all the way through the center of the felt!

This step is totally optional, but I just love the look of sewing the edges. Start at one of the corners, and sew a triangular "figure 8" about 1/8" away from the edges. You can sew with your sewing machine or by hand in the thread color of your choice. Then, turn the square and sew another "figure 8" to finish the other two sides. Don't worry if your sewed lines aren't perfectly straight (see the blue square above??) - you won't even be able to tell once the pinwheels are done!!

To assemble your pinwheels, start with one corner and fold it down to the center. Repeat for every other corner until you have four corners folded into the center. You can sew all the corners down in the center with a little thread and a needle, or use some glue. Hot glue, fabric glue, and super glue have all worked great for me! Once all the corner edges have been tacked down, you can fluff up the pinwheel a little to get the look you want.

To make the pinwheels a bit more patriotic, I put together some cute bottle caps with a design from My Computer is My Canvas. To make these bottle caps, you'll need the design printed on photo paper, glue (I really prefer Gorilla Super Glue), a 1" circle punch, epoxy stickers and bottle cap blanks from Fizzy Pops.

Punch the patriotic design out with the circle punch. Then, carefully place the epoxy sticker over the design and scrape the back of the design gently to remove any air bubbles. Next, drop a couple drops of glue onto the bottle cap blank and press the image/epoxy sticker on the bottle cap blank with the design facing up. Let the bottle cap dry and then it's ready to use!

To attach the bottle caps to the pinwheels, simply add a large drop of hot glue or super glue to the center of the pinwheel and press the bottle cap down and hold until the glue is dry.

Add a 1/4" strip of felt to the top of an alligator clip with hot glue. Then, attach the alligator clip felt side down to the back of the pinwheel. Once the glue has set, the pinwheel hair clip is done and ready to wear to show your USA pride!

My daughter is so excited to wear her new patriotic accessories this summer. I'd love to hear what you think!

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