Simple and Easy: Make Your Own Clay Cabochon

3 Materials
30 Minutes

Today’s tutorial proves that beauty doesn’t always need to be difficult. This polymer clay cabochon requires patience and dedication, but it is easy enough to be done by anyone! Let’s get started in making our very own, polymer clay jewelry!

Tools and materials:

  • Ring base
  • Polymer clay
  • Circle cutter
Polymer clay cabochon

Make a clay cabochon

Make a base 

The first thing you need to do is make a base for your ring. Take your clay and cut out five small circles, then place a couple of these circles into your ring and push down the sides so it fills all the edges. After that, press the base down with your fingers - you’ll know you’re done when the holes have basically disappeared. 

Make a polymer clay cabochon

Make the cabochon 

Gather your last three circles of clay and press them between your fingers. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the polymer clay. Once you have pressed the clay repeatedly, place it between your palms and roll it until it forms a little ball (remember to wash and dry your hands before rolling). After you’ve formed your ball, place it in the middle of your setting. 

Cabochon polymer clay

Press on the ball until you’ve covered the entire setting. Do this by pressing and swiping the sides gently - this will take time! Once you near the edge of the setting, start swiping down (gently!) until the clay merges and meets the setting. 

Polymer clay cabochon tutorial

Once the clay is smooth, press it until it gets the right shape. Don’t rush this, it is supposed to take a while when done right. 

Clay cabochon tutorial

Finished clay cabochon

I truly believe that the most beautiful things are sometimes the most simple. This ring was so easy to make and is so simply stunning. I hope you guys learned how to make a clay cabochon and will enjoy getting creative with your own unique creations. 

Suggested materials:
  • Ring base
  • Polymer clay
  • Circle cutter

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