How to Make Adorable Wire Heart Rings - Perfect For Valentine's Day

by ModaMob
3 Materials
5 Minutes

I saw these super-cute wire heart rings on Pinterest and Etsy and I knew I had to have them, but why should I have to go through the pain of buying them when I can just make them instead?

They’re so easy to make and work great to wear yourself or to gift to a loved one for Valentine’s Day. So, if you want to learn how to make a heart ring out of wire, keep reading to learn how!

Tools and materials:

  • 18-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Small nose pliers
Bending the wire with pliers

1. Make an "M" shape with wire 

Start by making an "M" shape with the 18-gauge wire. You can do this by using the pliers to bend the wire down and then bend it back up. 

How to make a heart ring

2. Make the heart shape

Take one side of the "M" and cross it over the other side to create a heart shape.

Pinching the center of the heart

3. Pinch the center of the heart

Use the pliers to pinch the center of the heart so they’re closer together, effectively closing the gap.

Making a DIY heart ring out of wire

4. Make a small loop in the heart

Then, with the pliers, create a small loop on the short end of the heart. 

How to make a wire heart ring

5. Make the ring part

Now you need to measure the wire to know how big to make your heart ring. To do this, place the heart in the center of your finger and wrap the wire around your finger to know how much wire you’ll need.

When you have the length, remove the wire from your finger and cut the wire where you measured it. 

Making a small loop at the end of the wire

6. Make another loop at the end

Now repeat step four and create a small loop on the other end, so the wire doesn’t end up cutting you. 

Making a DIY wire heart ring

Then, you can use the nose pliers to turn the loop so it’s flat and not digging into your finger when you put on the ring.

How to make a heart ring out of wire

DIY wire heart ring tutorial

There you go, your very own DIY wire heart ring! The best thing about wire rings is that you’re not limited to a heart, you can make them into any shape you like.

If you liked this tutorial, let me know if you decide to make the heart (or any other shape) ring! 

Suggested materials:
  • 18 Gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Small nose pliers

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  • Shuganne Shuganne on Feb 10, 2022

    Wow, that's gorgeous! I'm wondering how soft the wire really is - it looked like you moved it easily - and if you catch it as you go through your day. Does it pull off and get bent? Is there a way to temper or harden the wire?