How to Make a Summery DIY Wide-Leg Jumpsuit in Just 1 Hour

by Houseofchyda
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An easy breezy jumpsuit for summer? Yes, please! This beginner-friendly DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern and tutorial will show you how to make a jumpsuit that flatters any figure.

Loose and comfortable to wear, this DIY jumpsuit will be a fashion favorite when the weather is warm. Let me show you how to sew a jumpsuit so you can wear it today.

Tools and materials:

  • 2½ yards of fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • French curve ruler
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric weights (to keep the fabric from moving - optional but good to have)
Making the jumpsuit sewing pattern

1. Make the jumpsuit sewing pattern

You’ll need 2 large rectangles for the front and back. Fold the fabric in half. Measure your hips. To determine the width, divide your hip measurement in half and add 8 inches. Mark the folded fabric across for the width. 

DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern

Mark the length to your preference. At the top of the fabric, fold down 2 inches to create a casing for the straps.

Measuring the armhole

Mark the armhole width at 3 inches along the top fold at the edge. From that point, mark 4½ inches down for the armhole length.

Connecting the marks with a curve

Connect these 2 points with a French curve ruler. Cut the armhole curve only.

Drafting the jumpsuit sewing pattern

It’s difficult to see across large pieces of fabric so I also have a paper representation of what you’ll need to do to make the pattern. From the bottom edge of the armhole mark an A-line all the way down. Use the ruler to keep things straight.

Cutting out the jumpsuit sewing pattern

Cut out the piece.

Use the first piece folded on folded fabric as a template to cut out the second piece.

DIY jumpsuit sewing pattern step by step

When measuring your vertical measurement and marking the fabric for the crotch and pockets, leave 6 inches above the fabric for the straps. Measure and mark your shoulder to waist measurement.

Measuring the shoulder to crotch

Measure and mark your shoulder to crotch measurement.

Connecting the crotch measurement with a curve

Add 3 inches to your crotch measurement as this is a loose jumpsuit. Mark with a pin. Measure 1½ inches at the bottom of the fabric and connect it to the crotch in a slight curve.

Cutting out the crotch

Cut the crotch out.

Making pockets for the DIY jumpsuit

2. Make the pockets

Fold the fabric into quarters. Measure your hand and freehand draw the pocket on the fabric. I like a 9-inch length so there’s enough space in the pocket.

Cutting out the pockets

Cut out all 4 pieces at one time.

Pinning the pockets to the jumpsuit

3. Attach the pockets

Mark the placement of the pockets below your waist measurement. Pin the pockets in place on either side on both the front and back pieces.

Sewing the pockets in place

Sew in place.

Double-folding the edges to make casing

4. Make the casing

If you haven’t already, double fold the top on both the front and back piece to measure 2 inches. Sew at the edge to create a casing on both panels.

Pinning the front and back pieces together

5. Assemble the jumpsuit

Lay the front and back right sides together. Pin the side seams and pockets and sew into position.

Pinning the crotch

Pin the crotch starting at the center point and down either leg. Sew together with a straight stitch.

Snipping tiny cuts by the crotch

Snip tiny cuts along the curve by the crotch seam allowance to reduce the bulk.

Making straps for the DIY jumpsuit

6. Make the straps

Cut and make bias tape to finish the armholes that are 2 inches wide by 10 inches long. Cut out two straps 3 inches wide by 30 inches long. 

Attaching the straps to the jumpsuit

Fold the top straps in half, right sides together. Pin in place, Run a stitch along the length and turn right side out. Repeat for the second strap. Insert into the casing in the front and back pieces. Pull the straps taut to create a shirred effect. 

7. Hem

Hem the bottom of the jumpsuit with a double fold.

DIY wide-leg jumpsuit

DIY wide-leg jumpsuit

You’ve made a DIY jumpsuit that’s perfect for the warm weather. Please let me know in the comments how much you love it or tag me on your social @houseofchyda.

Suggested materials:
  • 2½ yards of fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
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    very cute!

  • Ethel Kirkpatrick Ethel Kirkpatrick on Aug 03, 2022

    I love the fabric and I love the idea... just wondering... can you sit in it? The reason I ask is because it seems a little snug in the crotch... or off in some way. Are you able to sit in it without it bothering you?