Simple Women’s Bodysuit DIY

by MadebySimstatic
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90 Minutes

This is a tutorial for a basic women’s bodysuit. You can use this pattern as a base and customize it however you like to make the perfect bodysuit to suit your style and match with your wardrobe.

Tools and materials:

  • One yard of stretchy fabric
  • Parcel paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
Sew a bodysuit

Trace around a bodysuit

If you already have a bodysuit that fits you well, you can use that for your pattern.


Create the pattern

I chose to use a tank top and a pair of underwear to trace instead.

Fold the clothes in half lengthwise

Fold the clothing for the pattern in half lengthwise

I folded the tank top and underwear in half lengthwise and placed them on a sheet of parcel paper to create my pattern.

Trace around the clothes

Trace around the clothing

I traced around the clothing onto the parcel paper. I did not leave a seam allowance, because the fabric I was using is stretchy, and I wanted to ensure the fit would be snug.

Create the front pattern piece

I traced around the clothing twice. Once for the front pattern, and once for the back pattern.

Create the back pattern piece

Cut out the pattern pieces

Cut out the pattern and cut notches

I cut the two pieces for the pattern out of the parcel paper, and then cut notches along the side seams.

Easy women’s bodysuit

Lay the pattern pieces on the fabric and cut around them

I folded my fabric in half and laid the pattern pieces on top of it with the long edges of the pattern along the fold of the fabric. Then I cut around the pattern pieces, making sure to cut the notches into the fabric, as well.

How to make a women’s bodysuit

Lay the pattern pieces on top of each other

Once the fabric was cut, I unfolded the pieces, and laid the front piece on top of the back piece, right sides facing. You may have noticed I didn’t do such a great job of making sure the crotch seams were of equal length. I just worked around this mistake, but when you use this pattern, try to make sure these two pieces are the same.

Pin the seams

Pin the pattern pieces together

I pinned the front and back pieces together, along the side seams and crotch, using the notches as a guide to ensure my side seams were lined up correctly.

Sew a women’s bodysuit

Sew the seams

Next, I sewed the side seams and crotch seam together with a straight stitch, leaving a quarter-inch seam allowance.

Measure out the straps

Measure the elastic for the straps

On the tank top that I used to create my pattern, I measured a length of elastic against one of the straps and then added enough length so the elastic would reach across to the opposite side of the top, since I wanted to make the straps of my bodysuit cross in the back.

Make a women’s bodysuit

Pin the hems

I ironed all the edges and pinned down the hems.


Pin the straps inside the hem

I pinned the straps inside the top hem and sewed everything down. Unfortunately, my sewing machine broke at this point, and I had to finish the hems and attach the straps with an old-fashioned needle and thread. But you can and should use your sewing machine.

DIY women’s bodysuit

Crossed straps in the back

This basic bodysuit is so versatile and a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. Let me know if you found this tutorial helpful.

Suggested materials:
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Parcel paper
  • Pen
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