10 Different Ways of Layering Clothes to Look Cute & Keep You Warm

Brooke Bakken
by Brooke Bakken

In this style guide, I’m going to show you 10 stylish ways of layering clothes. Layering doesn’t just mean throwing a jacket on over your outfit, oh no.

There is so much more to it than that. So follow me as I show you how to layer your outfits in a super stylish way.

Laying a sweater over a dress

1. Sweater over a dress

The first layering idea is to wear a sweater over a dress. This is a great option for when you have a short-sleeved dress that you love and really want to be able to wear in winter.

Layering a sweater over the top means that you still get to show the gorgeous bottom part of the dress, almost like it’s a skirt. Finish the look off with some booties.

Laying a sweater under a dress

2. Sweater under an overall dress 

Next up, I’ve styled a sweater under an overall dress. I love the shoulder strap detail of the dress, and this is a great example of how you can layer a sweater under something.

I added a shacket on top for another element, and the color of the plaid print ties in nicely with the sweater. A cream beret is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit.

How do you wear layered clothes?

3. Blazer over a button-up

Here, I’m wearing a blazer over a button-up, and the real layering element here is the wide black belt that I’ve put on top of the blazer.

That’s right; layering can also be achieved with the use of accessories.

The belt cinches me in and provides my figure with more definition. I tied a cute little silk scarf around my neck for some detail to finish off.

How to layer outfits

4. Cardigan over a button-up

In this look, I’m wearing a cardigan over a button-up, which gives off preppy, schoolgirl vibes.

I’m also wearing a black mini-skirt, a black cap, and some chunky heels that have red in them and tie in perfectly with the cardigan.

How to layer clothes

5. Sweatshirt, flannel shirt, and a denim jacket

Here we have layer upon layer upon layer. This is one of those "go big or go home" looks.

For my base layer, I’m wearing a sweatshirt, then I have a flannel shirt on top, and a denim jacket on top of that. The different lengths of the flannel shirt and the denim jacket create nice proportions in this look.

Layering a t-shirt over a long-sleeved top

6. Oversized tee over a long-sleeved top

I’m wearing an oversized tee over a long-sleeved top in this look. I’ve gone for a plain tee, but you could also go for a graphic tee or really whatever you want.

Completing the look are a pair of jeans, sunglasses and some Doc. Marten-style boots. This outfit creates a skater-boy aesthetic, which is great for hanging out and taking things easy.

Layering a turtleneck under a jumpsuit

7. Turtleneck under a jumpsuit

Next up, I’m wearing a turtleneck under a jumpsuit, and I can’t get enough of this look. A jumpsuit like this one is great to wear with a top underneath because it allows you to open up the buttons and create a deep-v neckline.

I’ve also rolled up the jumpsuit sleeves up so that the turtleneck is peeking out at the wrists. Black boots match the turtleneck and finish off this beautiful look.

Layering a tank top over a t-shirt

8. Tank top over a t-shirt

Here I’m wearing a tank top over a t-shirt. This option is great for when you want to wear a gorgeous tank top, but the weather doesn’t quite permit it. The t-shirt gives you a little bit of added warmth.

Also, if you’re someone who likes a bit of extra coverage with your clothes, this is a good choice for you. I’ve kept it super simple, just featuring black, white, and blue denim, which is a fail-proof combination.

Different ways of layering clothes

9. Leather jacket

As with a previous outfit where I layered a belt over a blazer, here I’ve used the same belt to accentuate my waistline and act as a stylish divide between my top and skirt.

I’ve thrown a leather jacket over this outfit, and as you can see, the one I’m wearing has zips at the bottom of the sleeves. I’ve styled it unzipped so that the top can peek through, which is a really nice touch.

Layering a duster under a wool coat

10. Duster and wool coat 

Last but not least, I’ve gone for a duster and a wool coat over a simple black t-shirt. The leopard print of the duster adds a nice pop of character to this look.

I also really like the contrast between the lightweight material of the duster and the heaviness of the coat. The fact that they fall to the same length makes a cohesive look.

Layering clothes tutorial

There we have 10 different ways that you can layer your outfits. I’ve shown you so many techniques that you can achieve a layered look, so I hope you’ll broaden your style horizons and give some of them a go!

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