2 Quick & Easy Upcycling Ideas: DIY Fur Collar & Strappy Leggings

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Today, I'm going to share two easy upcycling ideas. We'll cover how to upgrade a cardigan with a DIY fur collar, as well as how to make cute strappy leggings. Follow along to learn what I did or to get some upcycling inspiration of your own. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Old leggings
  • Old cardigan
  • Seam ripper
  • Thin waistband elastic
  • Scrap fluffy fabric
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine with zigzag foot

How to make strappy leggings

Removing the waistband from the leggings

1. Remove the waistband

Remove the waistband on your old leggings with a seam ripper. Then, cut a piece of waistband elastic to fit the circumference of the new top of your leggings.

Sewing new elastic into the waist

2. Sew the new elastic

Sew the elastic into the leggings by folding the top edge of the leggings over the elastic and sewing with a zigzag stitch.

Cutting out a teardrop shape

3. Cut out a teardrop shape

Draw and then cut out a small teardrop shape at the top front center of your leggings right below the elastic. Make it as small as you can.

Cutting the elastic waistband

4. Cut the elastic waistband

Then cut through the elastic waistband to open up the tear-drop hole.

Sewing a second piece of elastic

5. Sew the second piece of elastic

Cut another piece of elastic the same length as the whole edge of the opening you just made.

How to make strappy leggings

Sew the elastic into the opening the same way you sewed it into the waistband.

Making the straps

6. Make the straps

Cut four long strips from the waistband fabric you removed. 

Sewing the strips

Sew two strips together end-to-end to make longer strips. Then fold each of the long strips in half lengthwise and sew along the long edge.

Attaching the strips to the leggings opening

Turn your strips right side out and attach one end of a strip to the opening at the front of your leggings.

Tying the straps at the back

To wear these upcycled leggings, simply tie the straps behind your back.

DIY strappy leggings

Here’s how it looks in the front.

DIY fur collar cardigan

Cutting out cuff pieces for the cardigan

1. Cut the cuffs

Using the lower part of the cardigan sleeve as a guide, cut out four rectangles from your fluffy fabric that are large enough to fit around the sleeve.

Sewing the cuff pieces

2. Sew the cuffs

Place two rectangles together with right sides facing in and sew along the top and bottom (long) edges. Repeat with the other two rectangles.

Turning the cuffs right sides out

Turn them right side out and fold them in half widthwise. Sew along the open edge so you end up with two double-thickness tubes.

DIY furry cuffs

Now turn them over again so the newest seam is on the inside. Pull one tube over each cardigan sleeve. I chose to not attach these furry cuffs to the cardigan, so I can slip them on and off.

Cutting out the fur collar pieces

3. Add a furry collar

Measure the entire circumference of your cardigan neckline. Cut one large trapezoid from your fluffy fabric, ensuring that the shorter long edge is at least the circumference of your cardigan neckline.

Cutting out the trapezoid pattern

Use your first trapezoid as a pattern to cut a second identical one.

Sewing the DIY fur collar

Place the trapezoids together with right sides facing in and sew along all edges leaving one small opening.

Then, turn your furry collar right side out and sew up the small opening.

Attaching the DIY fur collar to the cardigan

4. Attach the DIY fur collar

Pin and sew the shorter long edge of the collar to the outside of the cardigan neckline.

How to upcycle clothes

Flip the collar to the outside and pin and sew the angled edges of the collar to the upper opening of the front of the cardigan.

Cardigan with a DIY fur collar and cuffs

Upcycling ideas

Here’s the finished upcycled cardigan with the DIY fur collar. And since I didn’t attach the furry cuffs, I can wear the cardigan with or without them.

Try out these upcycling ideas for yourself and leave me a comment about how they turned out for you.

Suggested materials:
  • Old leggings
  • Old cardigan
  • Seam ripper
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