10 Fantastic Ways to Style Basic Sweatpants

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Sweatpants are considered loungewear. They are awesome to chill in and wear around the house. I’m sure everyone has more than one pair in their closet; they are just so super comfy! In today’s style guide, I will deviate from the norm and show you how great sweatpants look when they are not just worn in the house. These stylish sweatpants ideas are super cute and fun. That’s right; I will be showing you 10 fantastic looks on how to style sweatpants and look incredible, too. I’m wearing high-waisted sweatpants for this tutorial, but you can grab any mono-colored sweatpants that you like.

sweatpants style

Look 1

Dress your sweatpant look up a little by pairing it up with a classier vibe. Here I wore a lovely pastel green puffy sleeve blouse and matched the outfit with a pair of cute pink loafers. This is a great excuse to wear your blouses with throwing on sweatpants for a quick, funky look. My shoes are a different color, but they match the little pink flowers on my printed blouse, giving it a more cohesive look. I feel this would be a cute work from home outfit; if you want to dress up a little but still feel comfy.

Styling sweatpants

Look 2

I love this natural, cohesive look. Basically, pair your sweatpants with a sweatshirt. Simple! Here, I wore a pair of light pink sneakers that kind of threw in great contrast to the whole outfit. This is the ultimate cozy and comfy outfit. Run errands or leave the house feeling comfortable but looking great!


You can pair this outfit with statement jewelry, making it more sophisticated and fun. I wore a bright-colored bracelet and necklace.

Style sweatpants

Look 3

Keep the second look on and wear an oversized, long trench coat. How amazing does this look? It really takes this basic outfit to the next level. Here, I matched it with a houndstooth print with a mix of black and white, giving the look some depth without straying too far from the color scheme. I finished off the look with black, sexy heels and really think this outfit is just AWESOME!

Easy sweatpants style

You can tie the coat for a cinched waistline.

Stylish sweatpants ideas

Look 4

Of course, denim jackets are an essential accessory, and it goes so well with sweatpants. This gives a more casual, laidback look but still adds a lot of style to the outfit. I wanted to make my legs look longer, so I opted for a cropped denim jacket. I also paired this with white sneakers ( We all know sneakers go with just about everything). I love that this particular denim jacket is a light color, giving the sweatpants and sweatshirts color to stand out from underneath.

How to wear sweatpants

Look 5

Puff it up! I love puff sleeve tops, and I had to add them to my style guide. Here I am wearing a basic, white puff sleeve top. I tucked it under my sweatpants, and voila! Another sleek look! I also wore my white sneakers here, and I like how the white top and shoe pair really well. It really creates a lovely sync between the items.

Wear a bright yellow shirt

Look 6

Let’s take things to a new level! I have dressed up my sweatpants with this gorgeous yellow silk shirt. I am so in love with this color, and it goes great with the dark color of the sweatpants. I didn’t really think the textures would go well, but they do! The bright yellow is what gives the outfit its chic look, and the sweatpants form a lovely base for this look. I paired this with a pair of sultry heels.

Add an oversized vest

Look 7

Wearing look 6, I literally just threw on a knit vest. I got this one from Japan; it has a lovely feel to it as it’s made from a fluffy mohair material. It’s definitely a functional look during those cold, wintery days. I feel that grey on grey and yellow pairs so well, and as you can see, the look is layered, which gives it a fun edge and dimension. I wore my pair of pink loafers because a pop of color won’t hurt anyone!

Wear neutral colors

Look 8

Are you a neutral-colored enthusiast? Then this look is for you! I have a beige knit sleeve top on, and I paired it with beige booties. The booties have a snake-skin texture, which gives off an edgier look. I love how the booties and the sweater match and really pull off a wholesome look. It’s neutral, it’s cohesive, and basically, you can’t go wrong with this look!

Wear an interesting blazer

Look 9

Let’s not forget using a lovely blazer to dress up a pair of sweatpants. Blazers are neat and give off a sophisticated, formal vibe. It’s so versatile, and bonus if it’s over-sized as it goes well with the sweatpants. It’s so easy to throw on a blazer and give your outfit a more trendy twist.


Whenever you are wearing something baggy, it’s a good idea to wear heels as it gives off an elongated dimension.

Wear a wrap cardigan

Look 10

Want something cozy on a cold Winter’s day? This is your look! Here, I am still wearing look number 8 and paired it with a warm, chunky cardigan. The one I’m wearing is a wrap-around cardigan, accentuating my waistline. It’s a neutral tone, too, and really goes well with the whole look. The chunkiness of the cardigan makes the whole outfit more interesting and layered. Also, the cardigan has a different texture to the sweatpant itself, so it really accentuates the look. I matched this with a pair of beige sneakers as I aimed for a more casual style.

So there you have it, sweatpant looks on a whole new level. I hope this tutorial gave you some inspiration and that you will never look at sweatpants the same way again. You now know how to style sweatpants for any occasion, breaking away from the stereotypical “boring” sweatpants style we are all accustomed to. Stay cozy and stay stylish!

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