How to Style Preppy T-Shirts

Preppy t-shirts are a bit oversized, and they come in bright, fun colors. They usually have a pocket at the front and a fun design on the back. I’m going to show you some of the preppy t-shirts I own and how I like to style them.

Style preppy t-shirts

Mint green 1

The first shirt that I have is from So.Fri.Co. It is this gorgeous mint color. It has a logo on the front, and on the back, it has this fun neon design that says ‘where the tea is sweet and where the girls are sweeter.’

Styling preppy t-shirts


Next up is this light blue Lauren James one that also has a logo on the front, and on the back, it has this picture of a puppy, and it says ‘pawsitively preppy.’

How to style preppy t-shirts

Mint green 2

This one is similar to the first one in terms of the color by a brand called Puppy Love. They have a puppy as their logo, and with different seasons and holidays, they change up the design of the puppy.

Basic preppy t-shirt style


This and the next one are both long sleeve tops, and they’re both Lauren James. This one is super soft, and I love the color of it. On the back, it says ‘prep on point.’

How to wear preppy t-shirts


This one is a gorgeous violet color, and it says ‘Southern Charm’ on the back and has a picture of a magnolia.

Before we get into styling these tops, let’s talk fit and sizing. You want your preppy t-shirt to be quite loose-fitting and large. The sizing from the companies is quite generous, most of the tops I’ve shown you are size small, but they fit like a medium to large on me.

Broderie anglaise

The first way I like to style my preppy t-shirts is with a little pair of shorts. I like to wear white shorts with preppy fashion as they look really nice and crisp. The pair I’m wearing here is a pair of high-waisted broderie anglaise design shorts. They have a slight little frill at the bottom, which looks really cute poking out from under the t-shirt.

Chino style

I also have this pair of white shorts, which are more of a chino style. These are really cute because they have that little scallop cut at the front.


What I also like to do is get a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and tuck the shirt into them. That creates a different look. I wouldn’t do this with the broderie anglaise shorts because they are quite snug, but because the denim shorts come in at the waist and then sort of flare out, it looks really cute with the preppy shirt tucked in.

Athletic shorts

You can go even more casual with the shorts. I do love the look of the white shorts, but if you are literally just looking for comfort and breathability, then athletic shorts are definitely the way to go. This right here is my uniform in summer. The elasticated waistband is so comfortable.


There are also these cute little gingham shorts that have an athletic short style to them. They are super casual, super easy to wear, and comfortable.

I love this style so much that I also have them in green.

Tennis skirt

The next way you can style your t-shirt is with a cute little flirty skirt. I have this tennis skirt on, which definitely gives those preppy, tennis, country club vibes. I would chuck this on with a pair of white sneakers and maybe some long socks.

Color matching

You can also experiment by finding a cute little skirt that will complement the colors of the t-shirt. Here I’ve paired my favorite mint green preppy t-shirt with this floral blue skirt, which is a little swishy number. It looks so cute; the colors go together really well.


I still like to wear my preppy t-shirts when it’s a bit cooler, and that’s when these long sleeve ones come in handy. A pair of jeans always works. I like to leave the top out, but you can also tuck it into the front of your jeans.


I also love to wear them with leggings. Here, I’m wearing them with a pair of tie-dye leggings. This is quite a loud and bright outfit because it’s color with print, but I think that it’s cute, and why not have fun with your outfits.

Preppy t-shirts are so comfortable, and they come in such fun and bright colors. I love the little designs on the back, and they’re perfect for the summer!

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