1 White T-Shirt, 10 Ways to Style It

Gloria Gao
by Gloria Gao

Do you have a white t-shirt that you’ve been styling the same way over and over again? Are you getting super bored of it but can’t think up a new outfit? Well, no worries, I’m back, and I’m coming to your rescue. In this style guide, I’ll be showing you ten white t-shirt outfits that are not boring so that you can look at your white tee with a fresh eye like you’re just falling in love. Not like you’ve been in a relationship for many years.

How to style a t-shirt

Outfit 1

I’m starting this video with the most classic combination: a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Yeah yeah yeah, we all know this cliche combo, but how do we make it pop? Well, I’ve added a pair of black heels. They make the outfit more put together and a bit unexpected. I’ve also tied my hair into a bun, added some hoop earrings, a statement ring, a gold and silver watch, and a chain necklace. Chain necklaces are pretty popular this year - I just got one so that I can be cool too. Lastly, I’ve added a pair of shades and a super sleek white baguette bag. Have I achieved my cool-girl status yet?

Styling a t-shirt

Outfit 2

For this look, I’ve also started with the white tee and jeans. Now I’ve added a white shirt on top. It makes it look more polished, but it’s still quite effortless and relaxed. I’ve paired this with a pair of brown croc-leather slingbacks and a brown croc-leather bag. The sunglasses on my head complete the look. I think this look has a certain je ne sais quoi, if I may say so myself.

Style a white t-shirt

Outfit 3

For this look, I’m still wearing my white tee and jeans. I’ve put on a pair of white ankle boots because this look is for the days when it gets a bit chillier. I’ve added my beloved beige trenchcoat and my favorite cat-eye sunglasses (which I recently scored second hand) — finally, this sleek white bag.

How to style a white t-shirt

Outfit 4

Ok, enough of the white tee and jeans combo. For this look, I’m wearing the white t-shirt with a pair of black suit pants. I’m also going to wear a matching black suit blazer. I’ve had this suit set for ages, but we’re going to make it new again. To start, I’ve paired this outfit with my white sneakers. I used to love how Justin Timberlake did that, and now I’m doing it. I guess I’ll have to cry him a river! I’ve tied my hair into a sleek bun, put sunglasses on my head as usual, and I’ve also got a white baguette bag. All I can say is, don’t underestimate the power of a memory of a random pop singer from 10 years ago because it might give you an outfit inspiration!

Styling a white t-shirt

Outfit 5

For this look, I’m wearing the white t-shirt with a pair of brown pants, and I’ve put on a brown belt too. I’ve also got on my knee-high boots. Next, I’ve draped this beige wool sweater on my back, just in case it gets chilly. But let’s be honest, this is completely for styling purposes. This look is very equestrian-inspired. I legit look like I’m about to ride a horse.

White t-shirt style

Outfit 6

For this look, I’ve worn my white t-shirt with a suede mini skirt. I’ve paired this with my brown croc-leather slingbacks again, and I’ve also tied my hair up. I’ve draped this houndstooth blazer on my shoulders because not wearing a jacket properly is like the key to becoming a fashionista. To finish the look, I’m carrying my brown bag that matches the shoes, and I’ve also put on my white cat-eye sunglasses. “Hello, sorry I can’t talk right now, I just got invited to Milan fashion week, so I gotta go...”

T-shirt style

Outfit 7

It turns out that invitation wasn’t real so I’m back. For this look, I’m wearing my white t-shirt with these beige golf pants. Honestly, I got these pants for golf, but I overestimated my patience for getting a little ball into a little hole, so now I just wear them whenever. I’ve paired them with these golf shoes, and to give this casual look a little twist, I’ve also got on a cream cardigan. A pair of white sunglasses and a white bag complete the look. This outfit gives the “my casual look is classier than yours” kind of vibe.

Plain white tee

Outfit 8

For this look, I’m wearing my white t-shirt with a black slit skirt to show off my legs. I’ve paired this with my black heels again, and I’ve also put on my black bucket hat. I’m wearing this cute little black bag with a cat lock across my body to complete the look. It just adds a bit more interest to this plain outfit.

Plain white t-shirt

Outfit 9

For this look, I’ve paired my white t-shirt with these white wide-leg pants. I’ve tied a little knot on my t-shirt, and I’m also wearing a pair of white ankle boots because, well, I might as well put on all the white items. What else is white? Oh, my white cat-eye sunglasses and my white bag. White on white on white on white on white. It’s so uncreative that it’s almost unconventional.

T-shirt outfit

Outfit 10

For the last look, I’m wearing the white tee with a pair of black flare jeans. I’ve also got on a pair of black ankle boots and a quilted leather jacket (fun fact: this jacket is eight years old and still kickin’). To finish it off, I’ve got my black newsboy cap and my little black bag.

White t-shirt outfits

Ways to wear a t-shirt

I’ve shown you ten fashionable ways that you can wear your white tee so you’ll never be stuck for an outfit idea again. A white tee is really a blank canvas, there is so much that you can do with it. Which look is your favorite?

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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Feb 17, 2021

    There is no better staple than a plain white tee :)

  • Bunny D. from Georgia Bunny D. from Georgia on Feb 23, 2021

    Honey, you’re just too cute! I’m a grandma who SO appreciates your choice of jeans & pants that don’t look like you spray painted them on!! Totally classy... anyone would look twice!