Bored of a Standard Mani? Try This Cute Multicolor French Manicure

3 Materials
45 Minutes

French manicures are so gorgeous! With this tutorial, you can take your at-home French manicure up a notch by doing a multicolor French manicure with different colored tips. It’s very fancy and the best part is that your own French manicure ideas can have an unlimited number of variations!

Tools and materials:

  • Neutral/nude nail polish
  • Multiple nail polish colors
  • Top coat
French manicure ideas with color

1. Polish your nails

Apply a neutral-colored nail polish to your nails and let them dry completely.

French manicure different colors

2. Add colored French manicure tips

Pick out your favorite nail polish colors, keeping them in a similar tone. For instance, use all pastel colors. 

French manicure designs with color

Apply a thin layer of colored nail polish to the tip of your fingernail. When taking the nail polish from the bottle, make sure to remove excess nail polish from your brush. 

French manicure with colored tips

To get a nice steady, even line of color, put the side of your hand that is holding your brush on the table, and then slowly rotate your hand to draw the brush across your nail, rather than pulling the brush itself across.

This technique will give you much more control over the application of the nail polish.

How to do a multicolor French manicure

Notice that this method uses a free-hand application of the lines instead of using nail tape to apply the color to the tips. This gives a more organic look to your French manicure.

Applying a clear top coat

3. Add a top coat

Let your tips dry completely and then apply a top coat to your nails. Did you know that if you put the top coat on nails that aren’t fully dry, the topcoat can actually shrink the polish below it?

Multicolor French manicure

Multicolor French manicure tutorial

There you have it - your own multicolor French manicure! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to do a French manicure with colored tips. Let me know if you plan to try this out in the comments below.

Suggested materials:

  • Neutral/nude nail polish
  • Multiple nail polish colors
  • Top coat

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  • Cary Cary on Sep 19, 2021

    I love what you did, but I don’t have your pulse. I am 60 years old, never had a daughter or a sister, so I think I need to use tape or it will never end up being as gorgeous as yours. I will try them today, with God’s and tape help! Thank you! 😂🥰

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    • Singerofdreams Singerofdreams 4 days ago

      Make sure your nude polish is dry and completely set off using tape and not a form from a beauty supply. You might try the top part of a sticky note cut to whatever design or line you want. They're made to be very temporary.

  • Mimi Mimi 4 days ago

    I also would have trouble creating a straight line so think I will try doing little dots of colour on the tips.

    • AZ Stamper AZ Stamper 4 days ago

      A toothpick makes great small dots on your nails.