Learn How to Transform a Summer Outfit Into an Autumn One

With summer turning into fall, it may be time to replace some outfits. Stylist Giedre Kavaliunaite, however, knows that sometimes a few easy changes can transition a fun summer outfit into the perfect elegant fall look. In this tutorial, Giedre demonstrates exactly how she transformed one such amazing outfit. If you like what you see here, check out Giedre's YouTube channel for more great ideas to help you find your personal style!

Autumn style
Tuck in the shirt

By tucking her shirt into her jeans, Giedre already manages to create a more polished look for her outfit, even when keeping on her casual jeans.

Autumn clothing
Add a belt

She continues by adding a belt with a beautiful buckle, therefore creating more of a waistline. To keep the look even more polished, Giedre skips the belt loops of her jeans when putting on the belt. 

Autumn styling
Put your hair up

Tying her hair back gives Giedre both the look and feel of being more put-together. A simple ponytail keeping her hair out of her face does the trick. 

Fall style
Swap shoes for ankle boots

High heels transform any casual outfit into more of an elegant look. Since the weather is still manageable and the floors are not yet slippery, Giedre opts for a brown high-heeled pair of ankle boots to give her both fashion and warmth.

Fall clothing
Put on a coat

With the weather turning colder, it’s no surprise that Giedre chooses a coat for her outfit. Choosing one in a beautiful muted color, however, is what transforms this outfit into one perfect for fall, making it more joyful and fun.

Fall styling
Add a scarf

Adding a scarf in a muted tone spices up the outfit. By hiding one tail of the scarf under her coat’s lapel, Giedre manages to diffuse its volume and elongate her silhouette. 

How to style for fall
Add a bag

Every perfect outfit needs a good bag to go with it, but Giedre knows that the choice of the bag is crucial. Going for a handbag in a deep and earthy tone really completes this look.

Fall outfits
Add tint to your lips

By painting her lips, Giedre manages to add both vitality and cohesiveness to her look. The muted color brings the outfit together, giving her a gorgeously put-together vibe. 

Summer to fall transformation

How to transform an outfit for autumn

Wow! What a transformation. It’s amazing how Giedre managed to transform such a beautiful summer outfit into one perfect for fall. It’s classy and elegant and altogether gorgeous. What are your favorite transformation outfits? Be sure to show us in the comments! 

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